What is Digital Signature and how it works (Definition-Wiki Details)

What is Digital Signature and how it works (Definition-Wiki Details)

What is Digital Signature
what is digital signature and how it works

Let’s discussion one of the most useful topics that is Digital Signature. In this article you will come to know the details of Digital Signature, their uses and implementation.
At the end you will be clear on– what is digital signature and how it works, digital signature example, what is digital signature certificate, digital signature in cryptography, how to get digital signature. Advantages of digital signature, add digital signature to word, adobe reader digital signature.
This topics can be considered as very easy for someone or very hard for others to understand because of its technical part while going through the whole structure of the article.

What is a Digital Signature or Digital Signature Certificate!!

In very simple way, you know about the physical signature and it’s unique for everyone. You do sign on cheque and withdraw money from your bank account and this is possible only that your signature is unique and none of person in this world have the same signature like you do.
So in the same way you signature in the electronic form and it is made unique with the use of some key (public key and Private Key) that is always unique.
The Digital certificates are used to prove the identity of a person for particular purpose like driving license or passport or pan card or others.
Digital signature certificates are used to prove the identity of the person digitally to avail information or services on the internet and to sign certain documents digitally. Same way you do your physical signature.

Digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally. Know what is Artificial Intelligence 

Types of Digital Signature Certificates


There are mainly three classes of the digital certificate. As per guidelines of IT-Act and the X.509 Certificate Policy for India PKI published by Controller of Certifying Authorities.

1. Class 1 certificate– This class 1 certificate can be provided to private/personal individual, will confirm that user’s name and E-mail address form an unambiguous subject within the Certifying Authorities database. This certify that your email address and name are not ambiguous and is valid with reference to the database.
And prove his/her identity in front of the authority and the security risk involved in this case is very high.

2. Class 2 Certificate– This Class 2 certificate issued to business personnel and private individuals and this aunthicate that the information in the application provided by the individual does not conflict with the information in any well-recognized consumer databases.

3. Class 3 Certificate– This is provided to the organization but can also be provided to the individual, condition apply. It’s a high assurance certificates. Class 3 certification are primarily provided for the e-commerce applications and it can be provided to individual only if the individual is personally present before the Certifying Authorities.

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How to get a Digital Signature?

Under the Information Technology Act 2000 by the Government of India. It certifies that Certification Authority (CA) that has been granted the license to issue digital signature certificates after paying the nominal fee. The Certification Authority (CA) are registered with the CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities).
Documents Required- The main documents required is- Self-attested PAN card as identity proof and Voter ID card or driving license or passport or latest utility bill as address proof for the consumer.

Following steps required to get your Digital Signature certificate:

1. Submit Paper based application form and supporting documents all attested.
2. Aadhaar eKYC based verification for Aadhaar holder
3. Banking KYC or eKYC required
4. After completion of all the above formalities, the person/ company can be issued with DSC by the Certification Authority (CA).


Understanding Foreign Trade Digital Signature Certificate

Foreign Trade Digital Signature Certificate are provided to the export and Import companies (EXIM organizations). EXIM organizations apply for digital licenses online. Companies can also file accompanying documents electronically on the DGFT website, Since a Digital Signature Certificate ensures authenticity of the document, DGFT has mandated use of Digital Signature Certificates with all electronic documents uploaded on the DGFT site.
Every EXIM organizations must have their DSC for their transaction related to the DGFT website.

Necessity of Digital Signature Certificates

1. While E-Filing Income Tax– As per directed by the government of india, it is clear mandate that while filing Income tax return, individual must affix digital signature with their submitting return form.

2. Mandate for Company– Ministry of Corporate Affairs has set the mandatory guidelines for the companies. Directing them to file all reports and applications using a digital signature only. Coping or using any one else DSC, comes under fraudulent act.

3. GST– It is also clear mandate by the government of India that company applying for GST must have to affix the digital signature certificate with the form while submitting.


Benefits of Digital Signature Certificates


1. Saves Money & Time – Using digital signature really save the time and money. You don’t need to sign the physical paper and scan it and send across the internet. Instead you can use your digital signature to your pdf document and it’s done. Hence it will save your time, money and save paper also.

2. Secured Data – The digitally signed document are more secure, as it cannot be tempered once the document is undergone digital signature. This is because it is encrypted by private and public key.

3. Authentic – Digitally signed documents are authentic and the receiver can be completely sure about the sender’s identity and integrity. The receiver can easily execute the document without worrying about the document being forged. Once you made the digital signature, it’s valid for 1-2 years.

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Technical Flow Info graphic of  Digital Signature.


Digital sig flow how work

                                                              Technical Flow

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