What is APK File- Know Everything from Scratch?

What is APK File- Know Everything from Scratch?

Do you love Technology or application means Android applications, then very often you must have encountered with APK file.  In this article I am going to explain all the in and out of APK files, how it works and what actually essential is related to any Android applications. You will learn in this article, what is APK file? How APK file install and how it is processed in Android phones.

What is APK file?

APK stands for Android package kit (also Android Application Package) in short APK. Apk file can be considered as an archive file for any app which comes with .apk extension.  It is a package file that is used by Android Phones as an Android operating system for distribution and installations of any mobile apps, which support any mobile related application in the file format APK.

What is APK File- Know Everything from Scratch

You must have heard about the .exe file which is used in any Window PC operating system to execute the any file.

So in the same way apk file is just like .exe file same as window operating system but this APK file is used to execute any android application in Android phones.

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What Are APK Files Used For?

There are many benefits of manually installing APK file in your Android phones.  One of the major advantages of installing apk file manually is that you can get access of that particular app in your mobile phones ahead of the time.

What is APK File- Know Everything from Scratch

If any updates are made in any application then it take some time to update in the Google Play Store. So if you are using APKs file then you are using this application ahead of time.

Pros of Installing Apk Files

There is no any single reason to download the APK file for free.

Sometimes it happens that few of the new applications are available in the form of APK with a new updated features and by the time these applications are not being updated in the Play Store. So users get the benefits of the updated features of any particular apps ahead of time.

Sometime this apk file help to enhance few feature of the smartphones.

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User can reduce the size of an application using some techniques like proguard, Apk Splits, etc

In Play Store there are some restrictions on the application that restrict the user to upload the particular applications so apk file helps a lot in this situation.

Cons of Installing Apk Files

There are many sources on the internet to download the free apk file but user should be aware, the source must be trustworthy. It may contain malware that may lead to compromise your security issue.

You are advised to check the reviews and comments before downloading and installing any apk files.

Aware to check the apk file permission before installing the apps.

How to open apk files on android

This section how to install apk file on android help you to how to install an APK file on your Android phones and use it properly, you can download any apk file of any application which are not listed on the Google Play Store.

how to open apk files on android

For this you have to enable installation to your Android before you can download and install the APK of file. It is one of the important and necessary steps that to be taken care before installation of any APK file for any application.

Keep in mind that many of the APK files can have dangerous impact, they may contain dangerous malware that is a virus. So it is advisable to take care while installing APK files and always try to install APK files from reputed websites.

Follow below steps for enabling APK installation.

  1. Android setting: open Android setting
  2. Go to apps and notification comma in Samsung Galaxy it may ask for biometrics and security.
  3. Click on the install unknown apps this can be found at the middle of the menu and in some android system this may ask for special access.
  4. Select a browser- go to the browser from where you want to use or download your APK file
  5. Tap on the button “allow from this source” switch and from some other application it may asked allow from this source checkbox.
  6. Click on Ok to confirm your activity.

Now you are ready to set to go for installing an APK files.

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Go to your Android web browser>> go to APK download site >> download the APK file >> tab OK when prompted for access purpose and now open the application and you are ready to go for this APK application.

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