Realme 2: Image And Specification Leaked Before Official Announcement

Realme 2: Image And Specification Leaked Before Official Announcement

Realme2 Image before Announcement
Realme2 Image before Announcement (Image Credit gsmarena)

A few months ago Realme the sub-brand of OPPO made a debut in India and launched its first ever phone in the market called “Realme 1”.

Which holds premium body design, 6-inch full HD + display (2160×1080), dual 4G VoLTE support with an extra slot for Micro SD card, attractive fiberglass diamond cutting design on the back which produces different patterns from different angles.

Also, the presence of AI techniques and powerful processor like MediaTek Helio P60 and at what price it was available,  had created a decent impact and with the price-performance ratio, it suppressed brand like Xiaomi and Asus (zen phone Max pro) at that time.

And now a few months later the sub-brand company is separated from its parent’s company OPPO to become a brand on its own.

But the two brands will continue to sharing same manufacturing unit.

As per the listening, the new brand “Realme” bringing soon its 2nd ever smartphone “Realme 2” to the Indian market.

All have started talking about the new Realme 2 because an image of it accidentally posted on Realme’s official website.

It completely seeing from the image that the new Realme 2 is coming with a notched display, which points towards a bezel-less design of the phone.

Realme retain the same fiberglass diamond-cutting design on the back as in the predecessor.

From the image, it is also visible that the Realme 2 will feature with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the back, which is completely absent on Realme 1.

The company made a noticeable change in the rear camera section i.e presence of horizontally frame up dual rear camera set up, which is upgraded over the Realme 1’s single-camera shooter.

Though the render does not much show the internal features of the phone.

But after looking the glimpse outer design it can be predicted that there is something special inside Realme 2.

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Retail Box of Realme Leaked before Announcement

Realme2 Retail Box Leaked
Realme2 Retail Box Leaked

Along with the image a retail box was also seen on the official Realme’s website. But after some time it has been taken down. But GSMarena was able to download the image of the box before it was taken down.

The box completely showing the “Realme 2” branding and no OPPO logo is there. As I mentioned the sub-brand now separated from its parent company last month to grow organically.

Realme 2 features highlights

Though render was not mentioned about any features but the design of the phone with notch and blue color looks quite similar to OPPO F7 and with recently launched Honor 9N.

So, take a look at what could be the features of “Realme 2”.

It is expected that the Realme 2 could also have the same MediaTek  Helio P60 processor as in the predecessor.

In case of display, the screen size may remain same 6-inch full HD +display like in the Realme 1. But the pixels resolution may be increased to (2280×1080) pixels.

Whereas the pixels resolution in Realme 1 is (2160×1080) pixels.

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As the previous model of Realme comes in three different variants (3GB+32GB),(4GB+64GB),(6GB+128GB). So hope to see the (8GB+256GB) variant in “Realme 2”.

Though the leaked image revealed the presence of rear mounted dual camera set up, so it is expected to be 13MP +5MP combo with autofocus. The front-facing 8MP selfie shooter may remain as such in Realme 1.

The neoteric brand must improve the battery capacity, so It can be predicted that it can come with 3500mAh battery in the upcoming Realme 2 as its predecessor have 3410mAh battery.

As the First one is running on Android Oreo 8.1 and will ready to get an update for Android 9 Pie. So, It can be said that the Realme 2 can come with Android 8.1(Oreo).

Note—All the features discussed on above are expected to come with Realme 2.

As there is no official information revealed on the features except the image and retail box.

Realme 2 Price And Lunch Date In India

If we talk an about the price of first ever smartphone from Realme the “Realme 1” it had come with a very decent price range.

₹8990 for 3GB + 32GB

₹10990 for 4GB + 64GB

₹13990 for 6GB + 128GB

So, for Realme 2 it can expect this will be available at affordable prices i.e within ₹20,000.

From the teaser image and retail box, it seems like the company is eager to hit the ground hard with Realme 2 very soon.

Which is expected to be lunch in India hardly within 2-3 weeks.

Realme 2 Vs Redmi Y2

Xiaomi is the no 1 selling smartphone brand in India with no doubt. But certainly, everyone started talking about the new brand Realme.

Because a few months ago this company launched its first-ever smartphone in India the Realme1, as a sub-brand of OPPO.

Which creates a disaster in the mid-range smartphone lineup, with exciting features and affordable prices it has sold over 400,000 units in just 40 days.

However, the 3GB + 32GB variant is still sold by flash sales.

From that you can understand how much impact the brand has creates with its first ever Smartphone.

Though Xiaomi has lunch his Redmi Y2 in June 2018 at the same price-range as Realme 1. But you can find there are some differences between the two.


The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 comes with a 5.99-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio and 720×1440 pixels resolution.

Whereas the Realme 2 is expected to come with same screen size but with HD + display, 19:9 aspect ratio and 2260×1080 pixels resolution.

Which shows a great difference between the two.


The Redmi y2 has available at two different variants 3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB.

Whereas it is expected that The Realme 2 will come with ( 8GB + 256GB) variant along with the variants that present in Realme 1.

Battery Capacity

In terms of battery capacity, there is no comparison between the two.

Because the Redmi Y2 is a feature with only just 3080mAh battery, which is very much less than the Realme 1 which backed with 3410mAh battery.

So it can be said that the Realme 2 will suppress Redmi Y2  as well as Realme 1 in terms of battery capacity.

Processor And Performances

Xiaomi Redmi Y2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset to give smooth performances.

Whereas Realme 2 is expected to come with the same MediaTek Helio P60 as in the Realme 1.

If you compare between the two on the basis of processor and performances, then Realme 2 wins the race very easily.

Because the MediaTek Helio P60 is more powerful than Snapdragon 625 chipset.


As per the render shows the Realme 2 will come with two rear camera setup and it could come with a combination of 13MP+5MP autofocus. And the 8MP front-facing selfie shooter.

Whereas Redmi Y2 has 12MP+5M rear primary camera and 16MP front-facing camera setup.

In terms of selfie shooter, Redmi Y2 can easily beat  Realme 2.

Operating system

As Realme1 runs over Android Oreo 8.1 and with colorOS 5.0 skin, and now look forward to getting an update from Android 9 Pie.

So it can be a prediction that the Realme 2 will be featured with the same Android OS i.e Oreo 8.1

In case of Redmi Y2, it is rolling over Android Oreo 8.1 and with MIUI 9.5 skin from the beginning.


There are two different variants of Redmi Y2 available in the market.
That is.

3GB + 32GB at ₹9999

4GB+ 64GB ₹ 12,999

And as per some reports it is listing that Realme 2 will lunch within an affordable price range. Let’s wait until the launch and see what will be the actual price of Realme 2.

What Is Same Between Them?

Yes, there are some features the same between the two.

Like they both supports to rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, Dual sim along with an extra slot for Micro SD card, dual rear primary camera setup etc.


In its small journey From a sub-brand under OPPO to now grow as an Independent company, “Realme” have smoked on the field.

After a remarkable power pack performance with “Realme 1” The brand is now all set to lunch its 2nd ever smartphone to the market with making some good changes.

Though there is no official announcement on the specifications of the phone (Realme 2), from the render it looks like, it going to create a wave in the market. If you are thinking to buy a new smartphone within the budget price, then I must say that you should wait for a few days. The Realme 2 is coming soon.

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