Off Page SEO Checklist and Techniques: Know Step by Step

Off Page SEO Checklist and Techniques: Know Step by Step

Off Page SEO Techniques
  Off Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques and Checklists

Are you worried as your website page is not getting enough Organic traffic from search engine?

In this article, am going to explain you a few nice off page SEO techniques and checklist that will really help to boost your organic traffic with little smart work.

There are around ten to fifteen techniques of Associate in Nursing off page SEO that you simply should apply to your web site to boost organic traffic and obtain additional revenue. I’ll request you to browse the article carefully and study all off-page SEO techniques, so you’ll get additional revenue.

Let dive within the details all points for OFF Page SEO techniques one by one.

What is Off Page SEO Techniques and Checklists?

Hope you must be aware about the on-page SEO in my previous article. When you do some activity apart from your blog/website page that enhance outreach to maximum readers, is considered as Off-Page SEO techniques. This definitely increase the page ranking within search engine result pages (SERP).

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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking as Off Page SEO
Social Bookmarking as Off Page SEO

Let’s begin with the social bookmarking thus as I do know the social bookmarking becomes most a preferred factor as a result of all of readers obtaining connected with net and other people are additional engaged with these social websites, so I like to recommend that this can be the most effective off page SEO technique that you simply ought to go and promote to your web site on completely different social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Stumbleupon etc.

when you marker your web content on standard the favored the popular} social bookmarking websites you may gain a high traffic for your web content or your web log thus you’ll conjointly build top quality backlinks exploitation the social bookmarking so submit your web log post or pages to the foremost popular web log promoting or bookmarking website.

Image optimization

Image Optimization

This is one of the most important factors to rank your web page. This become more famous in recent changes in google search algorithms. Under Image optimization there are few important points to be remember as mentioned below.

As per the Google recent changes in algorithm the image Optimization is one of the impact factor to rank your web page in Google search engine. It is advisable that always use your image name with good and trending keywords that will help to search your result in Google image search.

Suppose you click a photograph from the camera and it saves image with some random name (E.g – DCIMVBCXFDSRERD.jpg). In other side you have the name of the image with a good decent keywords that’s always impact positive in search engine. Name of the image cannot be neglected as a part off page SEO.

Choose the Alt Tag smartly

Alt tag of the image is one of the deciding factor in Google search engine that indicates the search engine whether your website’s image is relevant search string or not. Alt tag decide whether the image will get searched or not in SERP.

Size of Image

Image size is also cannot be neglected, if you have a habit of using bit big size images. So this will automatically reduce the loading time and impact speed of your website and hence impact your Google search engine result.

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As per google algorithm the web page will not come up in search engine if it’s having more loading time.

Video Submission

Once you start getting more traffic so the second thing is the video submission is like you made a video for your website your web page your tutorials give a links of your website and submit the videos or upload the videos on the popular website.

One of the popular website is YouTube so add the URL and the links to the other YouTube channel and in their description, so on this video so that users can go and to website using this link.

So this is now how you can promote your website on another YouTube and another video channel so the some of the YouTube channel.

video submission

You can submit the videos of your web site webpages and acquire a high rank on a google by obtaining additional traffic next factor is forum signatures. thus this is often additionally vital today as a result of the forum’s they typically have a queries and also the queries and also the answers thus move to the forums that area unit relevant to your web site, that area unit like includes to your web site. Go there and share your links of the net pages so you {recognize} google will recognize them and provides you higher status in optimization.

You must apply to your web site that whenever you’re taking a website therefore submit it on search engines like Google, Yahoo and everyplace therefore simply submit your domain.

So that different program will let understand that this domain is being registered in order that they’ll crawl your web site.

Use of Social Networks

Next is the social networks go to the social networks and submit your website and promote your website on different Facebook group on your related niche.

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you have to promote your website in a different ways by using social networks video with your unique ideas.

Blog Commenting

Next thing is the blog commenting go to the blog’s that are relevant to you and comment on that and put the links of your website on the other blogging websites.

Smart Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to let know that how many users how many visitors are there for your website so that you can take attention towards your SEO and optimize or improve your SEO as well the Google Analytics.

Directory Submission

Directory submission sometimes is also helpful so you can try using ABC and Submission direction and your marketing directories infographics is like submitting an images is also good option over there.

Submit Articles to Webmasters

webmasters submit: submit your sitemap on the webmaster another web site so the they will crawl your web site properly thus you need to submit your sitemap to Google and another search engines to follow is additionally their pic sharing is well not the vital factor that you just can use move to the Flickr Picasa and submit your pics some meteor photos and your links on the photo websites so you’ll get traffic from there.

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