How to Set Password to Microsoft Word Document any version

How to Set Password to Microsoft Word Document any version

Hello friends …in this blog I will follow you a very small but effective topic how to set password in MS word document. This article will help you to secure your data being e-theft. This procedure is also applicable for the excel and PowerPoint documents. Please Note that if you forget your password then Microsoft will not retrieve the password set by you. 

1.      1. Open the document you want to set password:
Double click the word document that you want to set password. The document will open in Microsoft word document.
Click on the file tab on the top left side of document.


1.      2. Click on Protect Document:
After clicking on the file now click on the Info tab and then hit Protect Document under info section.


1.      3. Hit Encrypt with Password:
Now on hitting to Protect Document the pop will open and now click on the Encrypt with Password tab.
1.      4. Enter Password:
A popup window opens asking to enter password do so and hit on OK.
1.      5. Reenter Password:
Again a small popup window will open as asks to Re-enter the password as entered earlier. Enter same password in reenter password popup window. Click on OK.



       6. Now your Microsoft word document is now protected with password.
1.      7. When try to open doc file will ask for password

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