Features that Must be Disabled in Any Smartphone

Features that Must be Disabled in Any Smartphone

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So you have received your new Smartphone and its ready for your use, before going on, you should keep some point in your mind so that you won’t get upset with your new smartphone in near future. Also you must have configured your smartphone with your favorite apps and services. In this article, I am going to discuss some important features that, you must Disabled in your smartphone to make it work as more smarter and long life, because these are going impact on smartphone software working, its speed, and in many ways.

Smartphone more Smarter
Smartphone more Smarter

So let’s dive in detail without wasting any time about the features you must Disable in your smartphone.
Disclaimer: “Let me clear one thing, it is not the compulsion that every user and reader of this article should follow this step or follow this instruction that this feature should not be used are disabled. This totally depends on the user’s preferences and their choice”

Automatic brightness (affect battery life of Smartphone)

Automatic brightness is one of the best features in the smartphones. Automatic brightness means your smartphone is going to change the screen resolution according to the external brightness, so that it would make comfortable for you to read on the screen.

Stand in simple way more brightness means more energy consumption and in this way your battery is going to suffer. So this is a one of the features if you make disable this Automatic brightness feature, it’s not going to impact your smartphone in anyways but help you to save energy of your cell.

Also it’s useless to keep your screen on for a minute. Top 5 Smartphones Launched In MWC 2018

Useless apps in Smartphone

Your smartphone you will find lots of apps that are useless to you. Are you not going to help you in near days so it is possible that can be removed.

Surely this activity speed of your smartphone and truly called as a smart. What is Artifical Intelligance 

To understand this for clearing debts suppose there are many services from Google such as Duo and app which are pre-installed in your smartphone,  apps from the manufacturers or sponsored apps that are of no use. So better to remove these apps, it will surely affect the smartphone.

Also there are some apps which cannot be deleted so by proper sitting we can make them disable so that it cannot affect our smartphones battery or any speed from back-end.

Vibrations and Sound

This is one of the important features of the smart phone but truly, going to have a very adverse effect directly impact define autonomy.
So it’s better to put your smartphone sound mode proper vibrate mode it’s really very irritating, also consumes energy of the smartphone.

To disable extra energy consuming vibrate mode & sound i.e  irritating sounds  >>  Go to setting  >> Notification.
Disable the irrelevant sound such as dial pad sound, screen locking sound, charging sound, touch sound, and vibrate on touch and many more.

Personalize for advertisement in Smartphone

You must have observed that when you are searching for particular things on internet and close it back. You find that you start getting ads relevant to that search product by you sometime back.
In this Process Google use your ad id and your back end data with their ads. This is called targeted ads.

When you are accepting its policy that fetched for you from backend to use your data.

So simply if you want to disable this setting so that want to be able to provide targeted ads to you. Best Smartphones Heavy Discount Click Here

Follow these steps.
Go to setting >> search in Google menu  >> here you will be able to set which apps you want your Ad ID to create profile to run targeted ads around you or disable it.

In Summary

In short this can be concluded in the way that, If any one follow this simple step in your Smartphone, Your smart phone would be more smarter and would run on ling battery life. If you find more tips related to this …request you to please sum up in the comments section and our team would be happy to add in further. Hurry…make your Smartphone More Smarter.

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