How to Write Effective SEO Friendly Content

How to Write Effective SEO Friendly Content

The web is full of contents. Without the contents, the web is like a desert. A simple Google search will show you millions of search results.

Every content published on the web has some purpose. The purpose may vary according to person to person.

But the purpose of publishing content is mainly for these two purposes. To create engaging content for your audience. Another one is to write SEO friendly content.

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Everyone in this digital world wants to fulfill both the purposes. But the sad truth is few can do both.

People think the second purpose is more important. Yes, it may be. For true digital success, all content you produced must engage the audience and appeal to search engines.

To be a success in this online world one should understand the importance of engaging and SEO-friendly content.

The benefits of SEO friendly content are as follows. You have written an SEO friendly content. After that, a search query is entered into a search engine with various keywords. Your content ranks high for search query and keywords as a result of strong SEO. Visitor visited your website and content engages the audience.

Searchers may quickly transform from prospects to readers/customers/clients. As your content is engaging they will visit on a consistent basis. They will soon become loyal to your brand. In this Social media is one of the major factor to drive traffic for SEO friendly contents.

I think this is the aim of every online marketer and influencer. You should have the same goal.

As of now, we have seen that the motive of content should be like that. But now the main question arises. How to write SEO friendly content that can keep both users and search engines happy?

In this article, I am going to write most important things you should know for writing SEO friendly content that ranks well in search results and at the same time is useful for your readers?

Before going to discuss anything about this let me clear one thing. I agree that content is king or queen. But there are millions of content on the web. SEO optimized article play a great role to build traffic on your website or blog.

So, content takes a vital role in page ranking but there are hundreds of other factors that decide whether your page will rank on page one or not.

So, here I am not going to discuss all the SEO related queries. Don’t be harass.  Here I am providing you the techniques that can help you to write a solid SEO friendly content.

Let’s start and dive in details of this.

Think before you write content (Do Research)

This is the first thing to write any kind of SEO friendly content. As of now forget about the SEO at the beginning.

SEO Friendly Contents and build traffic

Ask yourself these questions first. With this content what do you want to tell your readers? What is the central point of your content? What’s the purpose of your article? And what do you want your readers to do at the end of the article?

After finding the answers to these questions then you can move forward.

Keyword research (Major Factor for SEO Friendly Content)

I think this is the most important for any blogger or SEO content writers. If you want free traffic from Google(must read), then you should not skip this.

Who doesn’t want to rank on the first page of Google? The dream of any blogger is to rank their posts on the first page of SERP of Google.

Some people have the doubt that what is keyword research? Well, Keyword research is a process of finding the search terms people insert on search engines in form of words or phrases. Here know the Best SEO Tools and Tips to double your Website traffic very easily.

You should focus on long-tail keywords i.e 4 or more words phrases. Because there is less competition on these keywords.

You can use Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Übersuggest for keyword research.

Keyword research for SEO friendly contents

With the help of these tools find out the appropriate keyword for your article. This will be your targeted keyword. During your keyword research, you’ll also discover some related keywords. Create a list of related keywords. You will need to use these related keywords in your future articles.

In SEO point of view, these related keywords are called Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI Keywords).

This (related keywords or LSI) is one of the most important SEO content writing tips I can give you.

You can use LSI Graph to generate hundreds of LSI keywords. Some SEO experts also suggest this tool.

Choose an SEO Friendly titles for your blog posts

You may have the best piece of content in the world, but if the title tag/headline is not engaging and attractive, not many people will notice it.

It is also one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine ranking and CTR (Click through rate). The more attractive your title appears in the SERP, the better CTR you get over the time.

There is some limitations of words that shows in the search engine rank page. So try to put the title short and attractive.

Choose an SEO Friendly titles for your blog posts

According to a study 7 out of 10 people only read the title of a blog post. So take time to make it attractive and must use your targeted keyword. This will also result in more social share and engagements.

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Using odd numbers and brackets also improves ranking and drives more traffics to your blog. Read some more blog posts that describe how to make the title more attractive and you will get more clarity.

Make a attractive structure of your blog post

Now you have main keyword and LSI keywords. Now you can start writing content.

To engage your audience to make a perfect structure of your blog post. The perfect structure includes:

First, give some introduction to your article. Introduction pulls readers to the rest of the article. You may take it as the door to your content.

Second, describe your thoughts and solutions on the body section. You may make sub-part of the body section. It is also a good SEO strategy to add some sub-headings in an article. Put paragraph on your content. Each paragraph should have its own idea or subject. Don’t make the paragraphs too long. It will just irritate the readers.

Make a structure of your blog post

Finally, use a conclusion for each article. Summarize your content in that article and draw a conclusion. You may ask people for their thoughts and queries if any regarding your content.

Don’t just add too much of content. It just boring. So, engages your audience with your contents, add images, video, audio (podcast), infographics. This will increases the time spent on your content page and it will help you to boost your ranking.

Make sure that reader has to get the answer that he/she is looking for. Then he/she may comment or share it.

Create unique and original content

This also one of the point one can’t skip writing an SEO friendly content.

Unique and original content does not necessarily mean that you have to propose something new or write something that no one has written before. It means that your post’s text should not be a duplicate copy from some other website or online source.

You should not have to create a new dictionary or something like that for unique content. You may express the same thought in your word.

Google hates duplicate content. Your readers may not recognize the duplicate content but Google is very intelligent. Google making their algorithm more sophisticated day by day.

If you copy the exact sentences from any online sources, Google will recognize it and your content will never rank higher in SERP.

Whenever someone searches any query in Google, it searches all over the web and presents the best possible results that are unique.

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I have seen that many people copy from a website and link back to the original source. They think that by doing this the content will be original. This is one of the biggest mistakes many bloggers make. You may have taken the permission to copy some content from the original copywrite holder but Google doesn’t know it.

So it is a bad idea to copy someone’s content. Think a bit logically, if copy paste allowed why people are spending thousands of dollars on creating unique text-based content.

If Google detects that your blog has more duplicate contents, then it will paralyze your site and your contents will never rank on Google. Google is very strict in this matter. If you are not offering any new thing why someone put importance on you.

So, without copy and paste express your thoughts in your words. Readers will love it as well as Google.

After writing your content make sure that your content is 100% unique. To ensure that your content is unique, you can use plagiarism checker tools. The recommended tools are Copyscape or Grammarly. You have just entered your text that you have written and the tool will detect plagiarism issue if any.

By correcting these your article will 100% unique.

Do a little bit On page SEO

To say frankly “On page SEO (must read this)” has 80% priority on ranking. Google analyses more than 200 factors that can affect page rank.

This is not an on page SEO guide. You will get much clarity from Backlinko’s guide.

Check the guide you will get much clarity about on page SEO. You did not have to optimize Google for your page. You have to optimize your content according to the latest Google algorithm.

The guide will explain each and everything in details. The on-page SEO techniques includes

  • Optimize your URL structure so that Google, as well as readers, can recognize your content.
  • Provide a meta description so that Google, as well as readers, can easily get additional information about the content.
  • Use your keyword in the body section in a heading
  • Must have 3-4 outbound links to your content
  • Internal linking means link to your old contents
  • Sprinkle the LSI keywords throughout the articles
  • Optimize your images and use alt tag in it.
  • Active Social share buttons on your contents
  • Try to write long contents.

These are the most basic on-page SEO techniques. SEO is not bounded by these simple techniques. You should use the advanced techniques.

Use our Yoast SEO plugin

I just said this directly. Because it is. Worlds 30% of websites and blogs are powered by WordPress. So it is obvious to speak directly.

Yoast SEO is the world’s most famous content analysis tool. Yoast SEO plugin helps you write SEO friendly contents. It will make easy most of your tasks.

You have to choose the focus keyword in it so that searchers entered the search term and find this particular page. This plugin checks your post to see whether you have used the focus keyword in the right places. It also measures many other aspects of your post writing.

The important ones are

  • Allows you to add a meta description to your content.
  • Analyzes your text in the article and calculates the Flesch reading ease score. It will improve the readability of your article.
  • Checks that you have used your focus keyword in 5 important places like the article heading, the title of the page, the URL of the page, the content of the article and the meta-description.
  • It checks for external links and images and alt tag of the image in the article.
  • Calculates the number of words and density of the focus keyword the in the article.
  • Also checks if other pages or posts on your website use the same focus keyword, to prevent you from competing with yourself.

If you write a relatively SEO friendly content then the plugin will indicate a green bullet. It also shows suggestions for how you can make the bullets green and improve the ranking of the pages.

This is a very useful tool for website owners and content writers to improve the writing skill and ranking.

If your blog is not in WordPress then don’t worry, Yoast has something for you.

Yoast has a Page Analysis tool available on our the website. The interface will look like this.

Use our Yoast SEO plugin for SEO Friendly Contents

You can do same tasks as with the WordPress plugin.

Besides the content analysis, Yoast also automated some very important tasks like generating and uploading sitemap.

Read the whole content again

Are you ready to publish the content? Wait, something is left there.

You have write an awesome article. There may be a change of grammar errors, spelling mistakes, non-meaningful sentences or simply text that does not make sense. No one is perfect. Everyone does mistakes.

Read the whole article again carefully. There may be some mistakes. Correct that mistakes. You may use tools like Grammarly to analyze the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

If you have forgotten to mention any points you can add them right now. This practices will have a long-term effect on writing skill. It will give you the confidence in writing. So never be a worry for the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes.

Is your content better than the competition?

This is the most important advice one should obey and follow while writing the contents for any topics.

You are not alone in this world. There are hundreds of competitors with you no matter what industry you belong to. In fact, the competition is increasing day by day.

To increase your chances of getting a better position in the SERP, you need to make your page better than the rest of your competitors.

You have to tell Google that your content is more in-depth than others. You don’t need to walk to Google and tell this. Google will automatically know it.

Of course, there are a lot more factors that play a vital role in page ranking like domain authority, backlinks etc. But you should have to checks before you hit the publish button.

Just make a simple Google search for your focus keyword. Then examine very carefully the websites in the first 10 positions.

Compare them with your content in the following areas:

What is the average length (words) of the content of the pages that rank on the first 10 positions? If your content is much less, then add more content to it.

What type of content to the other pages have? Do they have a lot of images, videos? If you have less then add some more and make it engaging.

Quality of information? Compare your content in terms of quality over quantity. Google also like quality as well as your readers. If you provide the best quality content then your readers will stick to you.

Conclusion a New Start 🙂  😎

So, these are the best techniques you can use to write an SEO friendly content.

To say SEO friendly content is the content that can be easily understood by search engines. In this article, I have used so many times Google instead of the search engine. Please ignore it. As you there are several other search engines are there but not like Google.

If you summarized the whole article in one paragraph remember the factors like content uniqueness, post title, introduction, body text, an internal linking structure for a good SEO friendly content.

Now you are ready to publish the content.

These are not the only techniques you can apply an SEO friendly content. The hundreds other. But these are some of the important techniques one should use.

Use these techniques in your next content and you will see the difference.

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