How to Create a High Quality Backlink in 2019

How to Create a High Quality Backlink in 2019

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A buzzword is everywhere. “High quality backlink”. The ‘SEO‘ world is after this. The question is why?

Whenever someone starts SEO and searching for ranking factor, He may find hundreds. According to Backlinko Google uses more than 200 factors to rank a webpage.

Actually, no one knows the exact number. Whatever be the number but there are some most important factors.

When someone talks about SEO, I guaranty that he/she will pronounce this word “high quality backlinks”. If he is very lazy, then he may spell only on-word “backlink”.

Google updates its algorithm each day and making changes the ranking factors.

I am very sure Google will not going to change this “high quality backlink” ranking factor. I am not the Google.

Backlinks became a major factor in SEO success.

You may have the doubt, why the word “backlink” tie up with “high quality”.

Yes, you have picked the right one.

According to the latest Google algorithm update, your website must have to contain high quality backlinks. Not spammy low quality backlinks. Otherwise your website will get penalized.

If we start discussing the advantages of high quality backlinks then, It increases your domain authority and many more.

After reading these many of sentences, you may conclude one thing.

Link building is one of the most important things to become a success online.

Just after reading this, a billion dollar question arises.

How to create a high quality backlink?

We are just here for this question. Don’t worry you don’t have to spin the world reversely.

I agree that building links to your website isn’t easy anymore. And it isn’t fun, either.

Yes, it will take time but you can.


Let’s find out

 Create an awesome content to get high quality backlink

content is king for high quality backlink
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I think any link building journey starts with creating an awesome piece of Readable content.

Awesome doesn’t mean like a beautiful girl. Just a Joke.

Just Google your keyword you want to rank for. Google will show you the most relevant contents according to your query as always.

Analyses the content and figure out what the content doesn’t have. You are getting, right?

This is the first step.

Then, try to create a piece of content that’s 5-10x better than what you just found and readable contents.

Then publish your content and let the people know.

If your content is super in-depth you will find that people will eventually link to you. Everyone likes to read a detail contain. So why not people will link to you and share your article.

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This will boost your link profile and increase domain authority.

Do an original study & Research

This is a proven strategy to make hundreds of backlink. Doing an original study and content inspires to get backlinks.

In today’s data centric world, If you have the data that no one else on the world, your valuable increases multiple times.

When other content creators want to reference your study, they have to link to where they got it.

This simply means you’ll get a backlink.

But a study takes heavy work and time. Everyone can’t afford the prices.

So you can do a simple pool or survey.

Luckily, Google Forms has the answer.

You can collect the data and put it, in-front people. This is a simple way you can do to create an original study.

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Collect your own data, process it, make it final, publish it, and encourage backlinks.

Power of Infographic for high quality backlink building

effective infographics for high quality backlink
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Everyone don’t like lengthy content.

But most of us like an infographic. They are visual and easy to scan. Readers love to browse through them.

The content marketer also loves to link to their article. So they will give you a backlink.

People also love to share infographics. If your infographics consist your name then people will visit back to your website.

Now a day’s infographics are performing very well and a lot of people are getting quality backlinks from it. So why not you?

how infographic is helpful for high quality backlinks
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You can create infographics using free tools like Canva. You can hire someone in freelancing website like Freelancers or Upwork.

Must share your article on social media websites and with your friends. Then the sharing chain may starts. A well informative infographic may boost your link profile.

This may be an easy way to get a high quality backlink.

Build Links From Outdated Resources

This is one of the most unknown methods. Do you know that is a helpful method to create a high quality backlink?

Yes, it is.

This method means you can get links sites that are stopped working or outdated. This is just like getting a goldmine.

Here are the steps

Your first step is to find sites in your niche that have:

  • Changed names
  • Moved to a new URL
  • Stopped offering a service
  • Stopped updating a resource
  • Shut down

In the second step, you have to find sites still linking to the old, outdated URL

You may think how to do this?

It’s simple. Just put the outdated URL into your backlink checking tool of choice.

You can use Ahrefs for this. Then, check out all the websites that link to the old URLs.

From these sites, you have an opportunity to get a link.

In the last step, reach out and get your links.

Your last step should be reaching out to all of the people that still link to the outdated resource.

You just have to aware them about the outdated link and gently suggest that they add your link to their site.

Because you added value to their site twice once aware then about the outdated link and again by showing them your valuable resource — people were more happy to add a link to your post.

The most important step in this process is to find out the outdated links. Broad your vision and you will definitely find one.

This will boost your link profile and you can find links from sites like .edu and .gov.

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Use proven content formats

You may think what is a proven content format?

Yes, there is study. BuzzSumo recently did a study of 1 million articles and blog posts.

They discovered that most content on the internet is completely ignored. In fact, they found that 75% of all online content have ZERO links.

In this study they discovered that the following content formats generate lots of backlinks:

  • List Posts
  • Quizzes
  • “Why” Posts
  • “How to” Posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos

List posts perform consistently well as a content format. According to your post try to list-out some list kind of article and make it super throw.

Quiz, infographics increase user engagements and increase the chance of social media shares.

People like list type of contents because it gives a serialize view. The list type of content is easy to scan for a person as compared to just lengthy content.

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Next time on-words, when you are going to write a content try to add these type of content formats.

Guest Blogging best way to build high quality backlink

Some SEOs says that guest blogging is dead. But it is not true at all. It was there and it is still there.

Yes, it is very hard now but not completely dead.

Guest blogging is one of the trusted ways to build high quality backlinks to your website.

Generally, the websites who accept guest post rank higher in Google. Means their domain authority and page rank is high. This is what every guest blogger wants.

Who doesn’t need to get a backlink forma high domain authority site?

Yes, it very hard to find these type of site in your niche because most of the site have stopped accepting guest posts.

But the tree is still alive although the leaps are dried.

Invest some time to find out these type of website who accepts guest post. More important is to find a good website in your niche.

I agree that it is hard to get these type of website but not an impossible one. You will get your reword what you have invested in form of searching.

If it is easy, everyone doing this. So keep it in mind.

If you write a great article in your guest post, then you can even get more people to link to it. The more authority your guest post is, higher will be the backlink quality. It will transfer more authority to your website.

The more you guest post and get a backlink to your site, better will be your link profile.

 Blog commenting

Many people asked me is blog commenting can be used to build backlinks? Is it a strategy to build a backlink in 2018?

My simple answer is yes, but there are some stipulations.

The stipulations are:

Don’t spam your link by commenting everywhere you saw a comment section. Try to comment in your niche and write a valuable comment.

Don’t waste time to build no-follow comments. These are useless for building backlinks.

Try to build more do-follow comments and it will help you build quality backlinks.

This method is too old and some SEOs said that is no more. But it is alive still.

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Some recent Google updates may ignore these comment section backlinks. It is seen that people are just spamming around. So we may assume that Google may ignore this comment section backlinks in the future but not clear yet.

Develop a Unique Strategy, Tip or Tactic for quality backlink

This is a secrete method and fewer people known about it. So apply this method before it rushes.

What is this method?

Based upon your niche develop a strategy that has something unique about it. You need not create a new method. Instead of this, you can give a unique name to an existing method.

Let’s take an example and you will clear about it.

SEO expert Brian Dean (founder of Backlinko) has developed a technique. Actually, the technique is for boosting search traffic.

He named that method as “The Skyscraper Technique”. Believe it or not, this name only is super hit in SEO industry. The post only has more than 3,561 social share and tons of backlink.

You may get my point. Just be innovative and name it.

No need to give a most creative name.

Other than that, just make sure to use one of these words in your strategy name: method, system, technique, approach, and blueprint.

You get the idea.

 Align social signals

If you’re serious about building high quality backlink strategy then you should align social signals.

Social signals aware search engines how active and updated your website is. So it is good for you. More active your website on social media, the better your rankings.

I’m not saying that you need to be active on every single social platform. But the reality is the more places you present and updated, the better you can engage your audience.

You can automate the whole process by social media automation tools.

If your post is engaging and contains infographics and images there is a more change your content get more social shares and likes. May some of your post go viral? It encourages people to link to your website. This will boost your link profile.

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It also boosts your domain authority and page rank which also helps to get more organic traffic.


So, these are some techniques you can use to create high quality backlinks.

To rank higher on Google you should have some high quality backlink. Yes, “content is king”. But one should not forget other major factors that affect ranking.

Among them, link building is one of the most important things for the long run.

I agree that now a days, building high quality backlink is more difficult than ever. It has reached the top than ever.

Here are some techniques and strategies you can use to build some quality backlinks for high domain authority websites.

There is also a secrete trick that is not public yet. Don’t forget to apply that technique before it too late and rush.

Remember, never buy links from freelancer’s websites and anywhere. They are just spam links that lead your page get penalized. Be aware of that.

You may agree with me or not it will take a lot of time to get it. If it is an over-night success everyone is a success now.

Which method you will apply next. Let me know in the comment section.

So invest some time and in some cases some money and you will get you to result. It will help you in long run.

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