Best Tips for Speeding Up Your Phone

Best Tips for Speeding Up Your Phone


Tips for Speeding Up Your Phone

Why my smartphone become very slow on internet connection? How can I speedup my phones? These are the very favorites questions, every smartphones users are looking ANSWER for these questions.

So in this article check out the complete guide for ‘Best evergreen tips that can speed up your phones’ and your phones will not get slow down on internet connections.

In short the main reasons your phones get slowdown are due to ageing of your phone device, multiple useless app in your phones, your phone might be running out of spaces (main reasons to slow down your phone), may be your cached data is full, and may be due to unnecessary animations in your phone, may be too many apps are running in backend so close and free up RAM, your phone software is not up to date or you may ROOT your phone.

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Let’s discuss in details how you can speed up your phone from being slow down even on internet connections.

Multiple Apps in Phone


Multiple Apps in phone
Multiple Apps in Phone

Hold on hold on, now a days it become a various serious issue to download large number of apps in the smartphone. This is the very big factor to make your phone slow and irritating due to this. So check you’re mobile and try to remove those unwanted apps that you have installed in your phone for no any use.

Reasons: let’s understand how too many apps in your phone slowdown your application

Mainly the memories are made up of solid state drives which filled Up progressively When you download the applications, means your solid state drives memory gets slow when you are using more number of apps in your mobile phones.

When memory feels its storage get slower and this means that it will take longer time to read your code command from the storage device into the RAM to execute your command.

You will understand the below question’s answer related to your smartphone.

Does updating apps too frequently slow down your Android?

How to keep your Android device running smoothly?

How to speed up a slow phone in 5 minutes or less?

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Clear/Free up Spaces

This is a very important factor which play great role to decorate the speed of your smartphone.

Free up spaces too many Apps in Phone
Free up spaces too many Apps in Phone © ANDROIDPIT

When you will minutely scan your mobile, you will find that there are large number of photos, videos and unnecessary documents get stored in your memory and these are the factors which are slowing down your mobile phones.

Due to this it gets a very little breathing room to run smoothly and if it’s running low on the space that slow your mobile speed.

So it is advisable to free up your spaces or delete these unwanted stuff and that help to keep Android device running smoothly and speed up your phone.

Check for Useless Widgets

Widgets in smartphones are no doubt one of the most important factor which make your phones more productive.

Useless widgets

But at the same time the unwanted widgets stored in the any phones will surely slow down performance speed of your mobile phones. That is main reasons your phones get slowdown.

So unwanted widgets from your phone should be removed and this will solve the problem of slowness very effectively and to large extent.

How Widgets Can Actually Make Your Phone More Productive?

Widgets are present from the very early days of Android. Here are the some very important ways widgets help to increase the productivity of the Android phone.

Widgets instantly put the information in front of you

There are numerous widgets which are present on the home screen of your mobile phones and reflect any important features and information in front of you instantly such as weather widgets, calendar wickets and other many simple and useful widgets that are helping you at the moment.

Widgets save battery

Yes you heard right wickets save battery a lot. There are various useful widgets which are designed in such a way to switch off the particular application not required at the moment which are running in your mobile phone.  So in this way it allows your phone battery to give good backup and enhance battery life also.

Control Mini application

Widgets can control many applications such as battery meter as discussed Above and can control music, it can also control data use and monitor it properly it also helps for any notification from any app you choose or anything else you can think of in your mobile phone.

How to Troubleshoot a Problematic Widget?

Widgets are not the superhero or unicorns they are not as like a complete application like Android. Widgets are simple application and if you are using large number of wickets in your application in your mobile phone, it will surely going to decrease the speed of your mobile phones. In order to solve this issue it is better to cached processes.

Open the apps in the setting and then view all running apps and if any available select show cached processes. Now close app at a time to see performance get better if the result is positive then carry on.

Disable Unnecessary animations

Animations are the decorative and beauty accessories of any smartphone. But it is bitter truth that the animations can cause delay and even slow down your Android smartphones.

Disabling the animations may increase your mobile performance.

Follow the below steps how to disable animations in your Android smartphone:

  1. Check for developer options are enabled.

If they’re not, go to Settings >> About phone,

then tap on Build number several times to enable it

  1. Go to Settings > Developer options, and scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  2. Click on each of the animation options and turn it off.

Note: We personally NOT recommend to go for this developer option and turn off your animation because they may bring some unwanted causes in your smartphone.

Free up RAM use App Manager

Free up RAM use App Manager

With rise of Android era there have been evolved large number of Android app Management tool, which can speed up your Android phones by stopping any unwanted app or clearing the memory.

An App named Advanced Task Killer is one of the important factor leading in the Android applications which basically controls the unwanted applications running back-end in your mobile phones.

This application helps to clear up the RAM and your Android application will have a good bandwidth to execute the program in your phone with more fast after using this app manager application.

Advanced Task Killer for Android

The Most Classic Task Killer or Task Manager, Speed Booster, Battery Saver. Advanced Task Killer helps over seventy millions Phone in current scenario. You’ll be able to use it to kill and forcibly stop applications and boost memory. It does not speed up or save battery directly but if you kill any apps overwhelming battery or mainframe, you would possibly feel it speed up your phone and saved your battery.

Task Manager for Android Phone

Task Manager for Android Phone

The best task manager for Android phones are equipped with important features and functions that enables to perform several task at the same time in your phone.

Below are the list of few important and manager for Android phones you can use up with detailed features.

1. Advanced Task Manager [click to Download]

Advanced task manager is one of the best professional app killer Android application that can manage your app and is one of the best app for the Samsung phones. This help manage your phone application can list all the background task on your phone and help stop any task easily and quickly to make your phone fast and speed up.

Main Features:

Kill unwanted selected tasks

Manage boot list

Monitor CPU lagging process

Can kill both apps and games

Quick installer

Auto-run once the system starts up

Desktop widget to end all by one click

2. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner [Click to Download from play Store]

All in one toolbox cleaner is one of the great and multitasking task manager for Android phones. If you are looking for free up storage space app, speed up slow performance, extend battery life of your phone, organize installed apps, manage stored files and want to protect privacy and many more things with the same application than this ‘all in world Toolbox’ is best for you.

Features are:

Scan useless stuff

Stop unnecessary system running behind

Maintain temperature of CPU having

Batch installer and uninstaller

Easily customize the app

3. ES Task Manager [Download from Play store]

This ES task manager is one of the most widely used Android application, which are completely free and you will get all the necessary stuff which are required for any task manager in Android application

Main features are

It helps to save battery

Kill unwanted app in back-end

Uninstall app

4. SystemPanelLite Task Manager [Download from Play store]

SystemPanelLite Task Manager app is a paid version of Android application it’s not free app but includes very great features and a great UI design interface as compared to other android app killers. It can provide statics charts and data regarding your device resources which are being used up.

The features are:

Contains no ads

Free up memory

Kill unwanted task

Speed up Android phone

Software Update

Make sure that the software is up to date in your Android phone not all the time that the update of any software have new features to add but most of the time it contains both fixes and performance enhancement of the phones that really speed of the device operation of Android phone.

Root your Android Smartphone

For advanced users, the unlocking the developer choices may be a mere style of power, the primary tread the trail to esoteric arts-rooting the phone.

What is Rooting of Android Phone? What does Root of Android mean?

Root the Android Smartphone
Root the Android Smartphone © Image credit

Before we dive in into the pros and cons of rooting Android mobiles and getting detailed information, let us first understand what do you mean by rooting Android phone?

In a very simple way rooting of Android phone means getting the administrative privilege of your android device or to get root access of your android devices.

You are using your Android phones you have paid for it but it is not the thing that your internals process are still unlock. When you are getting your phone internals unlock, this process is called rooting Android phone. Rooting of android device provides you complete access over the entire Android phones.

After rooting your Android device as you can download all blocked teachers and tools in your mobile but with this there is some risk involved in it. The already blocked features and tools get unblock with rooting your phone and this increase the risk of your mobile from malware.

Advantages of rooting Android

There are many advantages which compel users to Root their Android phone, let’s discuss one by one.

  1. Advantages of rooting Android- Custom ROMs

Attractive Juice of installation of custom ROMs play great advantages of rooting android phones. After ROOTING ANDROID user can install any custom ROM or Kernel in their android devices as per their interest. Custom ROMs have many advantages like optimized for battery and performance and update more frequently.

  1. Advantages of rooting Android- Ad-blocking Features

Ads are one of the complicated problems of androids and their pop-up bring massive headache for Android users. So Rooting Phone allow user to get rid of this problems immediately.

  1. Advantages of rooting Android- Can Installing incompatible apps

Many apps cannot be installed in your android phone because of incompatibility features and after Rooting this problems get solved and user can install any incompatible app easily in their Android phones.

  1. Advantages of rooting Android- Get more options and internal storage

Rooting your android device allow to install new ROMs to fully customize and pinch to your android device skins and provide a really unique display.

Also rooting android frees up your android device’s internal storage capacity that result in speed up your phones. Also Rooting Android provide Greater battery life and speed up phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phones

As we have discussed many advantages features of Rooting an Android phones. Now let’s dive in some disadvantages of Rooting Android phones in details.

  1. Disadvantages of Rooting Android – can brick your device

The most common threats to your rooted phone is that it makes your device into expensive and unusable disoperation brick. You can compromise your phone data instantly.

To avoid this you always use the reliable sources application such as google play and should not delete any file advised not to delete.

  1. Disadvantages of Rooting Android – No more warranty

One of the big disadvantages is that once you root your phone then your warranty of your android phone become void and on any issues or damages your phone manufacturer will not agree for the warranty.

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  1. Disadvantages of Rooting Android – Update problems


One of the great thing for the uprooted phone is that it will get updates time to time with any new features form the manufacturer. But once phone get rooted then this features get banned and you cannot update your rooted phones any more with any new updated from manufacturer.

Go for Factory Reset

A works reset can restore the phone to the condition the manufacturer equipped it in, which may do wonders to scrub up obscure bits of leftover software package and buggy code that would be preventative up performance.

If all else fails then we tend to suggest attempting an entire works reset of your device. it isn’t ideal however an opportunity could be simply what you wish if you actually cannot discern why your mechanical man device is therefore slow.

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