Best Evergreen Tips to Maintain Body weight & Unique Tips to Lose weight in few Months

Best Evergreen Tips to Maintain Body weight & Unique Tips to Lose weight in few Months

preventive measures of Obesity

Best Evergreen Tips to Maintain Body weight & Unique Tips to Lose weight(Obesity) in few Months, Solve Your Obesity problem and how can obesity be prevented, Learn preventive measures of obesity and live life healthy.


Hello Readers!!

Hope you gyes are doing well and healthy. In this busy world and race behind earn money is impacting human health a lot.
People are not taking care of their diet, way of life style and this leading to many disorder and among this Problem of Overweight/Obesity is spreading with speed of light (obesity/Obes problems solutions is easy). You come to know how can obesity be prevented.

Overweight & Obesity are the root causes of many disorders and problems like High blood pressure, diabetic, heart disease, certain type of cancer. During pregnancy the over weight/ Obesity, May lead to short and long term health problems for mother and her newborn son. Explain reasons for obesity.

In this article, present very effective way to reduce and maintain your weight. This is best Evergreen Tips to Maintain Body weight & Lose weight in short Spain, preventive measures of obesity, Solve Overweight and Obes problem in details.

Kinds of health problems are linked to overweight and obesity
There are many issue associated with Obesity/Overweight, there are type 2 diabetes high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, certain types of cancer, sleep neap, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease and kidney disease (childhood obesity definition).
Before you trapped by this giant you can maintain some basic daily routine and live happily with great health. Let’s check out the Unique Tips to lose weight & ways to control obesity in short time.

Never Eat in Stressed Condition (Keep Calm)

I am adding this point in the beginning to “never go for eating” when you are in a stressed condition. This is one of the most important factor nowadays that are impacting human life and health very effectively.
Let’s understand in a simple way, suppose you are in Stressed condition and go for EAT. You won’t be able to decide what amount and how much of calories you have to eat. So always be in stress free mood and live life happily. Else you can face diverse effect on your health.

Follow Strict Routine to Lose 1-1.5 pounds a week

Remember it’s Not a Race or to compare with anyone in your society. This seems to be very easy but actually it is not. If you follow any successful person. You will find that the main success behind is the “strict routine in their life day to day life”.

In the same way it is not possible to reduce fat or maintain a proper body weight in a single day or months, it is time taking process. We already know “Rome was not built in a day”.
Try to focus on the strict routine, and always aim to reduce small amount of fat to Lose, that is by one or one and half pound a week not more than that.
If you try to do more then you will end up with the de-motivation and causing nothing with all your effort waste.must understand obesity and exercise how this can help.

Short time but Regular Workout

This is the golden rule to maintain your body fit and healthy forever that is work out for short time but on regular basis. If you do massive work out but not regularly, then it is not going to take you anywhere and not going to impact your health rather it give a negative impact.

So it is advisable to do regular workout even for short duration but be regular in it and this will helpful to reduce Obesity.

Don’t Eat Little Must have proper Calories- consult Dietician

Always take your meal timely never miss your meal. If you think by eating little will help to reduce your weight, so come out of this myth. This thinking is wrong, practicing this habit will impact your health and directly affect body metabolism.

How to combat obesity


You can consult Dietician for proper and effective guidance that will add up all advantages with proper diet and soon you will free from overweight/Obesity.

NO grocery-shop when Hungry

This practice is not recommended, it’s seen that when you go for grocery-shop while you are Hungary, you likely get more fatty goods then protein stuff. So this is also an indirect factor lead your health on bad road with this type of shopping.

Cut Down, Not Out from your Diet list

Hope you understand, what i am trying to convey. It is not good to remove any diet portion from your plate, but it’s better to reduce its quantity in proportion. “As we know very well all friends are Important- same way all food portion are important”

Use Diet Soda

It is very well known and proven that diet soda used to cut the calories. So it is important to incorporate some diet soda in our diet habit. It can help to maintain the body weight in proportion if anyone is using diet soda appropriately and with proper duration. Excess of anything is bad.

Intake Protein Diet Early

If you increase protein diet in your daily habit, this would be a very fruitful practice. Because protein diet digest slowly so you will feel full for longer duration and so this definitely help to control weight.
Protein diet is considered as one of the best nutrient required for full development.

Drink Before having Meal

It is advisable that one should get a full glass of water before taking your meal. This help to make you feel full and also play a vital role in metabolism functioning and proper digestion of the meal in your stomach.
This process will more effective if you drink water before 30 min of you meal. This help to reduce extra fat, improve your skin- glow of skin, free from dry skin.
Bad impact of drinking water immediately after meal- when you drink water immediately after having your food, it directly affects the quality of the food and the digestive strength of the body.
Whatever food you eat, drinking water adds a coolant effect, and the chances are that you might become obese/overweight, if you follow the practice regularly. Thus, Ayurveda does not support the practice of drinking water just after a meal.

Bonus Tips to take care for Overweight/Obesity

Some silly but most effective tips you must keep in your mind is- Use small plate when go for meal. Try to balance your meal don’t go for heavy breakfast and lunch two at same day. If so must try to cut in the next meal time.
Try to for the smart meal choice, you can prefer non oily or fried stuff. Try to adopt mustard as mustard dos not have fat. If you love eating then you should mostly distract yourself from eating most of time. This can directly help to control your weight.
When your bag of caramel popcorn won’t stop calling your name, close your eyes and visualize eating few pieces. So Chances are you’ll eat less than usual.

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