Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch review and Comparison

Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch review and Comparison

Apple and Samsung are two major giants in the field of smart watch makers and clearly stand out of the crowd. Recently both leaders has come up with their best smart watch representing Apple series 4 from Apple and Samsung smart watch with different variants. Here in this article presenting “Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch review and Comparison” in details and you gyes will able to know all features and technology behind this gigs.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch review
Apple watch series 4 Image © hothardware

You will know about Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch 4th gen: Preliminary design, features, and pricing comparison in details.

With that in mind, it is time to summarize our expectations concerning these two gadgets and see however these two would seemingly do.

Really Design Matter for Apple and Samsung?

Let’s see this part of the gigs details in below section. If you ask for my opinion on this question then I would say it matters.

The design of the tech gigs matters a lot and this two company has beaten rest of their competitors only because of its killing and mind blowing design of their gadgets.

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Design & hardware Apple Watch Series 4

Under the hood, both smart watches are offering latest hardware, this making both watches the best in their arena.

Aluminum body and an Ion-X Glass display make the Apple series 4 smart watch a great eye catching look. It’s like gorilla glass which are generally use in Apple iPhone series.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch review
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This time supposed to be more scratch resistant than previous iterations in its series. Know better about Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch review details in the article.

If you want pure stainless steel body and sapphire display glass then for this you have to pay more for this smart watch.

The rumor suggest that the Apple watch series 4 would be equipped with face ID that’s really crazy.

And there is changes in the hardware components in series 4 impacting their sizable, as a part of iPhone X notch and while this is probable at some point in upcoming future.

Apple series 4 is one of the upcoming wearable devices of the apples which are equipped with the face detecting Technology.

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It’s a great news that it is having LTE support for connectivity and can make call without a smartphone so this really would be a watch cum mobile device.

Design & hardware Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch is finally constructed with the polish stainless steel and display is awesome with Corning Gorilla Glass PX Plus.

Find With water and dust resistance and good rated durability.

As per rumor it’s heard with water resistant of 50 meters and has passed multiples of military endurance tests with flying colors.

This wearable device is a cube with Exynos 9110 chipset with 4GB of internal memory and battery unit big enough to keep this variable going up to 80 hours non stop.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch review
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Now the good news is just use the extension of your phone and this wearable Galaxy watch can be connected with your LTE technology and treated as a mobile device.

Expected Price Range of Apple series 4

There are lot of rumors about the Apple watch series for considering the Wi-Fi only version of series 3 apple watch was started around $329 and cellular Plus Wi-Fi version of Apple watch series 3 cost around $399 so expected for this series 4, will come along this range.

Expected Price:

Apple Watch Series 4 (Apple Watch Series 4) –  $349

With connectivity standalone would range by- $429

Also, super-premium $1149-$1399 Hermes variants.

Expected Price Range of Galaxy series

The prices of Samsung Galaxy watch will not deviate too far from its predecessor.

The Galaxy watch of 42 mm size is expected to a range of around $329 and its larger version of 46 mm variable watch will cost around $349

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Performance and Battery Life

The Galaxy watch is built up with 472 mAH or 70 mAH battery which are totally dependent on their sizes variants and has been claimed by the Samsung that it will give a backup of 4 days means 4 day battery life than its predecessor.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch review

The Apple series 4 is being used with a very fast processor that is 64 bit S4 processor which is about twice as fast what it was earlier in the series 3.

With internal storage of 16GB. The battery life of Apple watch series 4 will be considered as the same as to be what it was present in series to a series 3.

Short Comparison between Apple Series & Galaxy Watch
 Smart Watch 
 Apple Watch 
 Samsung Watch 
44x38x10.7mm, 48 grams
46x49x13 mm, 63 grams
OLED Retina
Aluminum and stainless steel
Stainless steel
$399 to $799

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