Best Advanced SEO Optimization Techniques for Blog/Website to Rank Instantly in Google Search

Best Advanced SEO Optimization Techniques for Blog/Website to Rank Instantly in Google Search

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SEO Optimization Techniques

Today let’s discuss on  a very smart and simple topics “Advanced SEO Optimization Techniques.
Friends if you’re reading this article means you are having a great problem or in dilemma of confusion that your post or articles from your website or blogs are not getting rank in the Google search. I will going to discuss Advanced SEO Optimization to rank your article in Google search engine in this SEO website.
I am going to explain very simple steps of Advanced SEO optimization of the articles for your blog or your website so that it get easily crawled in the Google search engine and post can be ranked in few months in any search engine either in Google search engine or Bing search engine.
But it is bitter truth that.. any post  of blog or website are not ranked very easily or instantly you publish, it takes time. Google will not rank any article in few days it takes time it is a time taking process (SEO website)

So my suggestion would be to keep writing and adding, the SEO friendly article in your blog and don’t get demotivated and give some time so that it can be ranked in Google search. Continue read this SEO website

So let’s discuss without wasting any time the some tips on advanced SEO Optimization technique and Tips that you can implement in your blog/website article to rank in Search engine.

Customize domain Name (.com .in )

Customize domain name is one of the important factor. And play a very important role to rank in the engine Google does not support or crawl such as Long domain or noncommercial domain name. Most recommended domain users get

This domain name is SEO friendly and it’s supported by Google algorithm. If you use domain name like .pk– .ml then your article at a blog will not crawled by the Google and you will end up in demoralize. Because this type of domain name are not Google search Algorithm. 
We already know now a days, Mobile phones are getting dominant in the field of Net surfing, online transaction, and Internet access by the people. So it plays a very crucial role in search engine optimization.
If someone search via mobile than Google always display the article posted with  .com/.in related blog or website and in this case the noncommercial website domain (.tk, .ml) or the domain are getting rejected. They are not made as mobile friendly by Google search engine algorithm, even they are not included in the Google algorithm. Must check with some best SEO company / SEO hosting / SEO strategy company.

Present your website as a Brand

Making your blog or website as a brand is not a single day work it requires a dedicated work consistence of the walk years and years and developed your blog as a brand.
People should know you by your brand name or Blog or website name and this is called branding.
Have patience and continue work on your blog keep posting good articles. 
That provide some value to your readers and viewers & use any free SEO analysis to boost traffic. 
You can use your blog or website name under your email signature in this way awareness will increase about you among people. Your blog must-must have a particular logo. This provide a very unique identity to your blog and website for your viewers, also come under SEO analysis/ SEO specialist.

Make sure that you create a social network page such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etcetera. Note- Must check with some best SEO company / SEO hosting / SEO strategy company.
This also help to create a good authority of your blog or website so when you post your any article on these social networking pages then you are going to get a backlink, so in this way  your blog authority increase and hence the it will move towards a good SEO optimization of your blog in Google search engine.

Loading page of website

Loading page of the website  is one of the important and best unique factor to rank in Google search engine. As per Google algorithm Google penalize the website or the blogs which have a very low downloading speed. So make sure that your blog or website page has a good High loading speed.
There are many-many tools on the Internet basically free tools, by using them, you can easily check your page download speed of your website. Note- Must go for online advertising company to boost up traffic.
In the below lists you can check your download speed of your website, that are basically free tools even Google provides you its tools where you can check your downloading speed of the website and pages.

Mandatory pages

 Mandatory pages on site is very simple but very crucial to understand and can’t be ignored. Make sure your blog or website are having this few pages like, About us page, privacy policy, disclaimer page and contact us page these are one of the very important factors for many peoples and bloggers miss from their end.
If any visitors, visit your website and if he likes the way of your writing and content information, so they must visit your about us page contact us page if he is having any question or query related to article. If he wants to contact you, so he will visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.
So this pages should be well developed and design and represent the proper information about you, about yourself, your motive of the website or the blog. So that after going through it, he can easily understand and analyses about the content and about your website. Must check with some best SEO company / SEO hosting / SEO strategy company.
These pages are the building block of your website even if you apply for Google AdSense approval, these pages are mandatory if by any chance you have not made this pages. Then you will not going to get AdSense approval to display ads on your website.
If you are using cookies on your website then you must have a declaration in your disclaimer page this mandatory information that you need to provide.

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