A Best unique Way to Earn Passive Income Online Source that Multiply your Online Earnings in 2018

A Best unique Way to Earn Passive Income Online Source that Multiply your Online Earnings in 2018

Affiliate Marketing Intro

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners a Unique Guide how to Earn Online as Passive Income and become Rich…R U Agree??

 So, what is affiliate marketing? To understand in the very lay out way “Suppose you recommend a company products and its turn into selling and generate revenue by your recommendation, so in return you will get the commission- This process is called Affiliate marketing.

So it’s that simple to understand”- You get commission in return on selling the company’s products on different way or in social media platform, that is different aspects of this, we will see that later in this article.

How Affiliate Marketing Work, simple steps to Understand?
Affiliate Marketing Flow Diagram

As per snap it’s clear, When any one refer to someone to get the products and that person click on the referral link and navigate to the merchant site, perform purchasing of any items. Now in next step the person who referred will get some commission in return. In this way the whole Affiliate Marketing cycle continue.

How will you Get Affiliate Link?

Any companies who are selling online products (can include any products such as cloths, grocery items, shoes, Hosting etc. whatever you can think). You need to login in their website and signup for their affiliate program. You will be given a unique tracking id and by sharing those link on any social media or any platform.
When any one make purchase by your link in return you will get commission in return that will be credited to your account.

 Common terms associated with affiliate marketing:
Affiliates: Promoters like you & me who are using unique tracking id for affiliate program an promoting in social media.
Affiliate Marketplace: The marketplaces like Share sale, Commission Junction, and Click bank etc.
Affiliate software: Software used by merchant companies to create an affiliate program links for their product associated.
Affiliate link: Unique tracking link offered by your affiliate program to track the progress of your affiliate selling on any mode and channel.
Affiliate ID: Affiliate programs offer a unique ID which you can add to any page of the product site.

Custom coupons: Many programs allow affiliates schemes to create custom coupons which are also used to track sales. Custom discount coupons help in boosting of the sales of the products.

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Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

In very straight word, Affiliate marketing is neither harmful nor illegal. Referring any products or services to any one of any company is not the illegal task. Generating any short of commission on selling by referring is not the illegal work.
So you can make the good amount of passive income form affiliate marketing if you have some extra skills and interest.
I don’t see that as a problem in affiliate marketing, even though that might scare some people who don’t have knowledge about affiliate programs.
They will get apprehensive and terminate your opinions. But doing that they will lose and out of league, not you. Cheers.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

Boom..Boom..You can join any affiliate program & passive income FREE of cost. You just have to sign up for affiliate program to the company you are interested to promote their products.

So Remember NO NO any joining fee is required.
Your total cost depends on what promotion technique you are using to promote the products of the company.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program

I am going to explain steps by steps how to join Amazon Affiliate program. Here a most common questions comes in your mind why Amazon only? 
For your information, Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace. Also it provides the most attractive commission up to 15% of the sales amount and depending upon the different niches. It’s a good way to make big money as passive income.
Join Associate program Click here


Amazon Associate Program home page

Create account as per snaps below after filling all the details as required to submit.


Now you will navigated to your dashboard page. Here you will see all details regarding clicks, ordered items, earning and all related graphs.
Amazon Dashboard snap


Best Things that should be in Every Affiliate Program


There are few just amazing things that must be present in any affiliate program for user perspective and these are very attractive. Affiliate marketing is one of the rewarding method to make money online as passive income and get reach in smart way.
Payment System- This is the first option to discuss as its related to earning, because I know I have switched many affiliate program due to lack of good and user friendly payment option.
The best possible way to get money from offshore companies is via PayPal, I would love to see PayPal as one must have payout method for affiliate marketing.
Custom Link- When you get any formal affiliate link believe me it look very messy. There are many options this large and massive link can be customized and shorten. This gives a proper decency in the look of the link and look more professional.Custom Discount coupon code– Most of affiliate programs offers discount coupons to their affiliates and that anyway much help in boosting their sales. How about an option to create your own brand able discount coupon from any affiliate serving company. This would really boost your sales means your affiliate earning.
Affiliate Stats and banners– So you just joined any affiliate program and when you logged into affiliate dashboard area, you find nothing apart from your affiliate link and edit profile option.

You are not able to track your hits and earning records or promotional methods any. There is no any promotional banners or link, this is very annoying and I would not work for this product and go for next one who is more equipped with this.

I would love to know your opinion and features you would like to see in any good affiliate program? 

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