9 Incredible Ideas of Making Money Online with Home Comfort 2019

9 Incredible Ideas of Making Money Online with Home Comfort 2019


9 Best Ever Ideas of Making Money Online with Home Comfort 2018

Hello friends…hope you gyes are enjoying your life.
If you are reading this article means you are desperately looking for best ideas for making money online. But on speaking to “online-making-money/earn money online/make money fast” first thing strike in your mind is FRAUD/CHEATING, I can understand this is usual. But I make sure that by reading this article you will definitely start or think positive for it among different ideas mentioned below.

Must remember if you are willing to go thousands of miles the first is, you need to take “First step”.
So without wasting much of your time here navigate to the different ideas where you can opt as per your interest and dive in the different ideas for way to make money online or earn money or earn from home in 2018 with us.

Idea-1. Make your Blog (Blogging)

Yes friends ….I am taking about Blogging. This is one of the oldest idea to make money online as we know “Old is Gold” the same way by implementing little SEO and key word research you can make money online. It’s very easy to say this but it requires consistent hard work to put in over the years and if all implemented ideas goes well you can generate thousands of thousands of dollars in this profession.
There are different trending niche in which with little research and you can start blogging.
Problems in Blogging:
You must be very active and smart in following fields:
     a.Selecting Niche in which you need to start your Blog
     b.Trending topics need to search
     c.Proper SEO is required
     d.Most important ‘Attract Traffic to your Blog’
     e.Create Genuine Backlink
The above mentioned points discussed is not to demoralize you but need to think actively over them before opting for the Blogging profession.
In course of time if you reach at the certain point, the momentum and progress will enhance exponentially and become far easy for you to tackle further.

Idea 2. Email & Mobile marketing

The Email and Mobile marketing is core to success form locally to globally when done with proper strategy and rule for a particular brand. This will make you and your work as a BRAND in global market. So if you are dame serious about your product and really want to make money online then this is the only idea by which you and your product can reach to any one’s hand globally.

Make sure when going for email marketing only send to the audience who is linked and subscribe to your product or brand. There are different agency that can help in this field with minimal fee. 
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Idea 3:  YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest search engine by google where millions of videos are searched and uploaded in each seconds. So you can understand the amount of audience that can be reached. There are thousands of YouTuber that are earning millions and there are lots of videos over there with proofs.

How one can connect to YouTube?

First step, one need to have Gmail account and login to YouTube. You can create a YouTube be channel with Gmail account. Now you are ready to upload your unique videos related to your expertise. Upload your videos and once monetize with AdSense to allow google to put ads in videos.

What is Monetization with AdSense?

This is one of the concerned topics how one can earn by YouTube just uploading videos. AdSense is google partner, once your YouTube channel fulfil some basic criteria then only you can apply your channel for monetization. Once your account is approved by AdSense then ads will come in your videos and in this way you start earning. This depends on your views on channel, average watch time, traffics and audience on your channel. This is very vast topic and I will publish separate article on this.

Idea 4:  Write And Sell E-book

This is one of the very effective way for making money online but it requires less money but more time to execute. And if you have a proclivity for writing and you can play with your text, go for writing an e-book. This will require a huge effort from you before any money is generated out of it so consistency and patience is must for this. You must have a great passion of writing with different tech skills to stand you aside in the crowd to attract selling what people really need.
Basic skills required for E-Book Writing:
      a.Understanding of Microsoft word document
      b.Proper formatting of the contents
      c.Converting the doc to pdf doc.
      d.Online Marketing skills
      e.Selling the products get help of Instamojo and so on.

Can sell your eBooks through Amazon’s Kindle program, putting in your Blog or any website which have enough audience and related to your niche, which gives access to large majority of the digital E-Book reading market. 

Idea 5:  Create an App

Yes friends you heard App, now a days this has proved the great source of passive income. It seems to bit technical but if you work in right direction with right niche this can be one of best source of passive income. As compare to other source of income such as YouTube or by website the income source by app is far better. If you build a great app and can easily reach out to the massive audience in the current fast moving technology era, no dought in it.
You need to put up significant amount of money and time in advance. 
Do you need to develop the app or need special skill?
The answer is NO if you are not related to this field and no proper skill but have great idea then you can easily hire someone who can develop great App as per your requirement. There are many online source from where you can heir professionals for the App development as per your requirement. And before this do the proper market research and analysis to decide for the App selection.
If you don’t have the skills, then you have to hire someone who can assist you in creating a great app. But first you need to come up with an idea that will sell. Do the proper market research and analytics to come up with the right app.

Idea 6:  Use Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is of the best Amazon’s take on micro-jobs globally. These are small jobs that you can do for other people, which they call HITs, or Human Intelligence Tasks globally. These are the simple jobs that anyone can do and include like listing off some URLs with few images in few dollars only.
The few key features that include on demand workforce, Elastic workforce, Lower cost structure, Quality management, enabling new business very effectively. In short if you are aware of Fiverr then you can easily understand this Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk API

This provide the good opportunity for quick and fast earner who are willing to earn immediately or if you’re in a crunch for cash and have no much patience to devote some time and money.
Also, it’s important to note that you can employ people whatever micro task you might have in you bucket and want to complete by professionals available over there.

Idea 7:  Use Fiverr- Offer Gigs

You might heard earlier about this but let me tell you it’s one of the genuine portal for making money online. If you have any professional experience like SEO, Digital marketing, social media marketing, web development, App development or many more with any exceptional ideas then you can or offer your expertise on Fiverr that is named as Gigs. 
The minimum price of the gig is 5 dollar and max no limit that depends on your experience and review comments provided by your clients who used your service.

So the comments provided by the clients is one of the key factor that decide your earning level in Fiverr portal.

One point must be noted that do the specific research and find what special or different gigs you can offer. And also this is one the online making money medium but it takes time to get succeed here and comments by your clients matter most. 

Idea 8: Sell Professional Services

The Upwork and 99Design are the biggest platform for selling your expertise professional services. If you have extensive experience in any field then you can earn a lot by selling on these sites but on 99Designs only graphics design services can be offered.
However, like anything else, at beginning you can face bit struggle and difficult in selling your services. So one solution is to find the expert and successful people in your niche and follow their way and profile after them, if happens to contact them it’s more helpful to get valuable tips by them.
This seems bit difficult but if you really have passion and willing to make passive online money, so do little research about yourself and find what niche best suited for you.
Idea 9:  Sell Audiobooks with Audible
Yes friends this is one of the best way to earn online, now a days it has been noticed that popularity of e-Book getting declined and trend of audio book is becoming more popular. People are more inclined towards the audio book and visuals for technical subjects.

My advice to, first work on the e-Book better market it and try to reach as much as audience as you can. Once you got enough confidence in developing e-Book then make the audio book of them by using Audible’s ACx and many more. You can hire resource from may professional sites discussed above & can pay per hour as well.



Hope you like this article and we will keep updating this post in future so that you will get benefited each time. Keep visiting for more related information. 

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