5 Best Ever SEO Tools and Tricks Help to Double website Traffic (Improve Bounce Rate)

5 Best Ever SEO Tools and Tricks Help to Double website Traffic (Improve Bounce Rate)

5 Best Ever SEO Tools Help to Double your Website Traffic and Improve Bounce Rate


Best Domain SEO tools for Website

Not able rank your website or NOT getting organic traffic? And you have planned to earn online but no visibility to how to tackle this issue. So friends you are going through the right article. I have explained the best basic scenarios of SEO (search engine optimization) so that you will be able to understand and implement it effectively to your website to reflect your article in google search and get enough traffic.

This Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an in-depth article on how search engines work and how you can make use of it.
Moving forward you will get answer of these following questions.
      a.       What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
      b.      Why does website need SEO?
      c.       Do search engine able to find site without SEO?
      d.      Can I do SEO myself?
      e.       Do SEO really help in online earning?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In a very simple way, when you search keyword related to your niche and it (your website) comes in google search page. It means your site is crawling in google search result so you have done good SEO for your website.
Your website should built search engine friendly to be sensed easily.
This article is presented to describe the various SEO’s tips that would help to generate traffic to your website, making your site friendly to search engine, building links and marketing your site’s unique value.

Why does website need SEO?

Let’s understand this in some different way with day to day life example.
Suppose your friend want to meet you at your home. Your home must have specific address (say your website address) and you did not provide your home address to your friend, so he won’t be able to come to your address as he has got no address.
In the same way if your website is not search engine friendly then no traffic will come to your website. So hope you must be able to understand why any website need SEO.

Why SEO is important?

    1.      Each time thousands and thousands of people are creating the contents like you so it’s very important to do SEO for your website to reach thousands of people and help them.
     2.       If you understand SEO will increase your website traffic and reachable to thousands.
     3.      Google SEO is not constant, it’s changing constantly so you need to be updated with the news and change accordingly and help to get your site on google ranking.

Do search engine able to find site without SEO?

No dought that search engine is smart, but there is always a room for improvement and its being upgraded each seconds to make this more & more smarter. So that it can crawl deeper and bring out the best result for the user.
Also the right SEO can bring out to thousands of visitors and increase your website traffic and in return will result to high conversion ratio.
Whereas a wrong SEO move can make your website unseen from visitors and bury so deep in search result that no visitors will reach and lead to drastic situation for your web business.

Can I do SEO myself?

The term SEO seems to be very technical & complex, but it can be understood very easily by any person who is adoring to rank its website and its contents in ocean of search engine.
Keep reading the article and I bet you will be able to perform the best SEO that could rank and bring enough traffic on your website.

SEO really help in online earning?

Really is this question relate to SEO and to Online Earning? You can yourself realize about the importance of this question.
Suppose you have a website and after performing good SEO, you start getting thousands of visitors daily so, what will happens? 
Your site is monetized and this will increase your conversion ratio and this exponentially increase the revenue of the site. Hope you got this.
Now you feel this a stupid question. Ha ha ha….

      On Page SEO of Website

Meta title & Description: While creating any blog or website must keep in mind that the website is added with proper Meta title and proper description about your niche. This should brief describe your website purpose.

SEO Keywords on Page: Make sure that the proper keywords must be used in your article contents. Search engine not only crawl the title but also the contents of the page so don’t forget to add effective keywords on to your page.
URL: This is the key factor so the url must be simple and easy so that it can be easily understood and explain better about the website. 


The complex and complicated long url are not easy to understand and this also confuse search engine resulting ignored by search engine. So work on this if you are having long and complex URL.
Let’s see an example:
By looking its words one can easily understood about the page niche and related contents as all words spaced by ‘hyphens’.
Next example:
You can see the below link it’s very messy and complex, right? And no one can understand about this URL.

Always keep below points in mind for the URL:

i)        It should have major target keywords
ii)     When change to your URL must let inform about this to google. This avoid your google ranking.
iii)      Add mobile url to sitemaps
iv)      Avoid CAPITAL letters in URL
v)       Always use hyphens- in URL
vi)     Add Favicon that is important factor that is identity of your website in browser.

Page and Blog Format:

The page and blog should be properly formatted that means you web page should have proper Heading, Sub heading and paragraph should not have more than 2-3 lines. 
The highlighted points should be in Bold or Italic format
All images should have keywords in their ALT tags.

Are you using links in your article it may be internal link to your web article or other article link from another website. This linking is one of the most important factor for SEO, its Google’s top three ranking factor.

     2.      Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile Friendly Website Important Factor

Mobile friendly website is one of the key factor that decide your website to where rank.

As per research now a days there are 60% users are searching contents from mobile that is android, window phone whatever may be, so in case if your website is not mobile friendly then it won’t able to make it for the top SEO search engine.
How to check weather website is mobile friendly or NOT?
The best and easy way I will tell you to check this, go for the Google Product.
Click on the link and on home page put up your website URL and hit RUN Test. It will display a message if website is mobile friendly or not. It’s that easy.
If you are using WordPress for your website design then it’s pretty sure that website is mobile friendly and Responsive Design.

     3.      Quality Content (Most Unique Factor in SEO)

Many website or blog get in negative bucket of SEO because of their low contents about the topics.
Be sure that content of the page and SEO are inextricably linked. 
Quality Contents
No good enough contents, so no any rank of your article in SEO.

Quality contents help SEO to know about your niche reference

The quality contents on the webpage is one of the most important factor that help SEO to understand about your niche and help in crawl.
Search engine are not able to know every things. It understands from your contents and topics. If no valuable contents in your webpage then there is nothing for search engine to crawl and your website won’t be returned in search result.

Quality Contents attract Links

People who don’t have proper knowledge of SEO understand that creating links are the only factors for better rank but this myth is fully false if there is no quality contents.

Quality contents means it is informative, educational, inspirational and solve the problem. If your contents fulfil above criteria then it will sure to have quality links and rank in search.

Quality Contents attract Social media exposure

Let’s understand this factor in this way, suppose someone find an article which is very informative, high quality, helpful, funny and actually user is satisfied with this piece contents. So it is shared and link on social media.
Search engine consider the article which has more exposure on social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Quality content increases time on site

Search engines always display results that are useful and significant to users, and this can be measured with the time spent by the visitors on the page. If the contents is useful, engaging enough and appropriate the user will read the article and obvious the duration of time spent increases on the site or blog. This is also termed as bounce rate of website.

This will help to enhance search ranking of the site by search engine.
It also happens that someone come to a site and turn back or move out of the website page, this indicates the user not like the article or no good contents in the article. Due do this factor the search engine again consider the article and search ranking in SEO.
It clearly understood that Google crawls our site that completely rely on the quality contents of page and keywords used, if contents is good, engaging & attractive then google enhance the ranking and page will display in related top search result.

How to Improve Bounce Rate?

What is Bounce rate? When you are walking around the SEO to rank your articles in Google and on the other hand It is seen that the visitors are coming to your sites and reverting back in a few seconds, this directly indicates that you are not having a good engaging article for them or they are not getting good value from your blog content.
This is increasing the Bounds rate of your site and as per new Google search algorithm, Bounce rate play a great role to rank any blog and website in Google search engine.

Some important tips to increase Bounce rate are as follows:
Improve contents readability:

This is one of the important factor if someone or a visitors visit your website and reading out your article and find your article more interesting and provide good value to readers. This automatically increase the bounce rate of your website and a good symbol in front of Google search engine algorithm.

Work on design and usability of your website:
It is very important that your design of the website and usability should be clear it should not be confusion for your visitors. The website design to be clear and concise. The text should be easily readable colors and other elements should have clear purpose and there should be no any distraction while reading.

Target right visitors:
If your phone’s rate is very high it is a time to look after your page Analytics. Are your article getting presented around targeted audience? if not it is clear that right audience are not approaching to your web page. so it is very important that you should have right audience for your website feels it will definitely affect your bounce rate.

Make sure that you are reaching to the right audience with a proper communication channel and delivering well thought message that is relevant to your audience and will provide some value to them.

Proper interlink article on your page:
It is important to guide your way visitor around your website this can be performed in a very simple way. For this you must work on the interlinking of your web articles on pages. In this way visitor will get continuously interact your website and by the interlinking it can visit to the other articles of your web page and this will simply increase your bounce rate.


     4.      Broken Link of Wikipedia

This can be considered as one of the factor to highlight your website and enhance the ranking in google search engine.
You can edit and update the related contents of the Wikipedia in your field and update the site link as reference. Once verified by Wikipedia admin and approved your site link get published in that Wikipedia page.
Link with Wikipedia
You can use a tool called WikiGrabber to find these link opportunities. Enter your keyword and click Search and follow to update the section of Wikipedia.

     5.      Use of Infographics

Suppose you got to know some trick which help to display very complex information in a very smart and in diagram form, it would be really great right.. its true I am talking about INFOGRAPHICS.


What is Infographics?


As word suggests itself any mode of diagram which is having information and some diagram and have valid information reflecting that is infographics.

Must add infographics in your contents this wil surely help to draw more attention to the viewers and hence increase traffic to your website.


Some of the examples of the infographics:
Clear Infographic that describe alot
Learn Infographic to describe in images



There are may website by which you can create your own infographics diagram such as Canva, Venngage and Visual.ly.


I mostly recommend to use canva to design your infographic for this first login to website and signup which is free. Now go and design your info graphics as per your imagination. Some snaps for canva infographic attached below.
Canva Infographic Images snap
Canva Infographic when download your creation



Our team have tried to get more detailed information as much as possible in this article. Also we will keep updating the article so do please visit again you can get some more detailed information. Thanks.
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