15 Best Fundamental Ideas To Create Readable Blog Content (Help to Drive Organic traffic) Rank in Search Engine

15 Best Fundamental Ideas To Create Readable Blog Content (Help to Drive Organic traffic) Rank in Search Engine

Fundamental ideas to create Readable and Attractive blog content that Help to Drive Organic traffic and bring your post Rank in Search Engine

Writing best and valuable contents for the blog is just dream comes true. There is no dought that once people visit, they’d always come back.No one can be a professional blogger overnight, its going to take your much time to attain that height, but its not impossible.

Blogging is continuous learning process and if you accept this, definitely you are on right track to become a professional blogger with tons of traffic on your blog.
“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine
Very difficult to get unique,engaging and exceptional topics comes in your mind every morning. Let’s discuss a few guidelines that should be followed while writing posts.
Whether you’re new to blogging field, writing in a “boring” niche, or just looking for a little boost ahead of your competitors. This tips might help you out of the situation.”Tips on Travel World

Original Content(Be Yourself) 

This is a key factor for the best interactive and engaging blog contents. While writing contents for any niche be yourself, no need to intimate any one method or copy any contents parts, it’s not the cool idea.
Any one like to read the article in simple and precise way and that is easily understandable.So always explain in simple language. Even you will not like to read any article having too much of hart technical words and difficult to understand, so this method will help to drive traffic to you blog & website and definitely rank in search engine. 

Must Know Your Audience/Their Problems/Need 

You need to do proper research about your audience means you must follow the comments and try to solve the problems or answered in your contents. This is one the simple but most effective and provide value to your blog as a brand.
Always try to detect your target audience related to your niche. If you follow a strategy to ‘write for everyone and broadcast over the social media, thinking to get more traffic, let me tell, ‘you are on the dark side, this is not going to play well. You will not able to establish a loyal audience.

For Example: If your blog contains articles such as recipes and home life and other related topics, you’ll want to target moms, working moms, stay home moms, etc. And sharing this post with teenagers, students, grandparents, or young couples without kids would have no impact on your blog traffic. Because this types of posts are not relevant to them.

Go for an Engaging Topic 

The most important step in writing your post. Do research on search engines and networking sites to discover what topics are popular that are generating comments, likes, and shares in your niche field.

Focusing on this type of engaging topics helps to drive more traffic and you post will be engaging enough for readers. Try to genuinely explain the topic in simple way that would be easily understandable.


For Example– I came across an article about Baby need while traveling with their parents, this post, I find more helpful “Top Best Must Have Items for Traveling with Baby and What NOT to travel with Baby.

Good Article Research  on Topic

Before you being start writing any post, i recommend you to do a plenty of deep dive-in research on the topic.Get all the best topics, heading and sub heading for your article, this will help to create effective article and wealthy. Recommended word count for blog posts has increased from 500 words to about 1000 words to get rank better in search.
There is a direct positive correlation between the length of a article post and the number of clicks, likes, and shares that it generates. More the words length its better chance to get frequently in search engine and also get traffic as people will like to read healthy contents. 

Catchy Title and Opening Paragraph(Strong Headlines)

Title is the important factor and it should be attractive enough, and opening paragraph should be in such a way that, it must compel to continue reading. “How-to” guides, “ultimate guides”, and lists have been proven very popular among viewers, that can generate a high volume of clicks and shares. SO work on the best attractive heading and subheading with appealing opening paragraph.
For example: “9 Incredible Ideas of Making Money Online with Home Comfort 2018” 

Create A Content Calendar

Remember That People Connect To well Stories flow that bind to read. We all know very well that as consumers of media or social media, we connect with authentic stories, not logos. In creating a blog, remember that content must showcase your brand’s personality(content is King), voice and aesthetic. The flow of blog contents should be in such a way that, it must have a proper content calendar flow that bind people and compel to read them.
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Make Blog Content Valuable

You must try to write the article that is having factual information establishes your credibility to readers. Helpful and informational content makes article worth the read & enhance credibility. I must suggest to Create a healthy mix of both entertaining posts and informational and educational posts on your blog.

Whether that value is informational, instructional or demonstrable, it should provide an almost-tangible value that they can take, employ and improve something in their own lives or businesses. 

For Example: One blog contains, “The Details of Travel Insurance,” and “Most Important Features to Consider, Before Purchasing A Travel Insurance Policy while Planning To Travel Around World” One might be a little on the boring side, but it’s very educational and contains plenty of factual information.

Keep paragraphs short (stick to key point)

If you look at the newspaper, you’ll notice that most paragraphs are two to four sentences. Apply the same rule to your blog contents. Readers tend to skip and not love to read long paragraphs. Stick to one key point per paragraph and explain clearly.
While finalizing the article, you should end up with leaving good and positive question for the reader. It may ask advise, their opinion on topics etc. 

Share Content Across Multiple Social Platforms

Its very true, that you have Putin lots of your time and efforts to creating the blog article. So its your responsibility share your article on the social platform as much as you can. But remember you should share in professional way, it should not look like spam on social media.

Last words, Hope you enjoy reading and must be little benefited by this article. Please provide you suggestion and share this article if you like.

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