10 Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives, Can Earn Online with Many Options to Monetize Your Blog or Website

10 Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives, Can Earn Online with Many Options to Monetize Your Blog or Website

Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives, Can Earn Online with Many Options to Monetize Your Blog or Website


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

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Hello Friends….Hope You Gyes are doing well…

You are reading this article, means you are in search for better option to Google AdSense.

Your website or Blog are doing well and you are having good numbers of traffic on your site, but always all things cannot go well.

One morning you open your mail and find this message “Your Google AdSense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”.

So no need to worry or Panic..I am about to discuss the “Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives, Can Earn Online with Many Options for Monetize Your Blog/Website”

What has to happen has already happened with you & we cannot change…Don’t lose heart continue reading this article.

Every day, there are hundreds and thousands of AdSense accounts are being disabled or banned. And there are no any specific reasons why this are done. So my main aim here is to let you know the different ways by which you can monetize and earn online with your website or Blog.

So, don’t lose hope if someone says NO it means “Next One”…So, stand up, be proactive and be professional & motivated!!!! There’s no time to lose.
Let’s discuss the Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives, Can Earn Online with Many Options for Monetize Your Blog/Website, without wasting much time.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives are …………………

   1.      Use Media.net Yahoo! Bing Ad Network

Media.Net is one of the best AdSense alternative proved in recent years. This can impress with the performance of their ads and the quality of their services. No doubt, a great alternative to AdSense.

Media.net is getting a huge reviews around the globe. It is proving as one of the best AdSense alternative. Media.net as of now is an invitation based ad network, you invite and get ad post on your Blog or website and make more money.

The RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions) of Media.net is quite high which made it a best competitor to AdSense. Media.net shows ads relevance to your niche.

Underline Criteria for a website to get Media.net Ad

a.      Your website or blog must have a good traffic and it should be maximum traffic from USA, Canada & UK

b.      Your site should not encourage any hated speech, racism, drugs, pornography, piracy and any illegal content.

c.       Your site should strictly follow copyright guidelines.

d.      Advertising sites are not preferred by Media.net ads network to post ads.

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Mode of Payment

Media.net pays its partner on net 30 basis via wire transfer or PayPal.

The threshold amount is $100.

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a.       The customer support team of Media.net is very helpful.

b.      The RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions) of Media.net is very high as compared to other ad networks.

c.       You can run Media.net ads along with AdSense on their sites.

d.      The Media.net advertisements are highly targeted, performance based and relevant to the niche of your website.

Points to Ponder:

a.      Media.net doesn’t disclose its CPC (Cost per Click) and CTR (Click Through Ratio) statistics.

b.      Media.net won’t approve Non-English websites.


    2.      POP Ads

The popAds.net is one of the popular Ad networks that are used for blog or website to monetize. pop Ads are bit different it’s not like clicking on the ad and generate income.

In this Ad network no space is required for Ads, the visitors need to click on any blank space or any link on your web page. The CPC rate for the different countries are different and this has maximum for country like UAS, Canada and UK.

The rate for the Asia pacific are very low so, the revenue generation will totally depend on the traffic on your website or Blog.

    3.      Propeller Ads Network:

Propeller Ads media is one of the best ads network in POP-UP ads media for the Blog or website.
And it can be the best options if your site are having the following niches as Entertainment, Travelling, Game, dating, Finance, Software, Gambling and many more.

With these site niche you can earn more money than AdSense program. This provides huge ROIs and great CPM too.


Propeller Ads provide the 80% of the revenue to their publisher of the ads published on your website or Blogs.

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    4.      RevContents Network:

The RevContent is one of the fast emerging ad networks in the fast growing online ecology.

This is somewhat different among native ads network as they provide highly responsive widget, Gallery implementations, infinite scroll and unlimited customization of the API to affect the website traffic of their client’s website enormously.

Its widgets are highly engaging and publishers would choose from a huge list of widgets and performs well in the following niches- Media, Entertainment, and Technology.

It benefits publishers by incorporating a widget at the end of the article to help them earn additional revenue from the website and sometimes the Revenue can be as high as AdSense.

Is RevContent Alternate to AdSense?

It is very difficult to state about the alternate we know that market leaders are always lead the masses.

In case of many publisher the RevContent provide the best CPC & CTR as compare to AdSense. This can be used with AdSense and hence can help to generate more income from your sites.

And if you wisely place the RevContents ads in a way that doesn’t compromise with the CTR of AdSense, you end up earning almost double.

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    5.      Chitika Ads Network

The Ad network can be proved to be one of the best earning source and great alternative to AdSense is Chitika. If your Blog or website is having good source directly from search engine result then this alternative can be proved very beneficial for you.

This has also the low minimum payout threshold, which is one of the attractive factor for the newbies in the field of Blogging and eager to earn as quickly as possible. You can use Chitika and AdSense simultaneously.

Who Can Use Chitika

If Your Blog or website is of good professional look and high quality then you must go for this Ad network.

If your Blog is NOT having good Traffic source then even you can get approval with this Ad network.

Creating Ads and Customizing with this is easy and can be easily used with WordPress Plugin.

Minimum Payout is $10 by PayPal or $50 by Check.

Some Display Dips for Chitika For Extra Money to Earn

a.      Use Mega Size Ad

b.      Provide Backup Tags in your Blog

c.       Have ads in the most prominent positions

d.      Have ads on content pages on your Blog

e.      Must Refer your Friend to Chitika

Why One Should Go For Chitika

a.      Low eligibility criteria.

b.      Minimum payout is very low (just $10)

c.       Support all the niche type.

d.      Approval Very Fast

e.      Different Ads options including mobile types.

f.        Can use alongside AdSense and other ad networks

g.      Search targeted ads ensure that only relevant ads are shown to the visitor

h.      Chitika support countries worldwide with their ad units

i.        Auto-resizing mobile ads make monetizing mobile traffic

    6.      Revenue Hits

This is one of the most advanced and successful Ad agency in online ecosystem.

Revenue Hits is operated by MyAdWise Ltd. a privately-held company from Israel founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals and successful online marketers.

It provide the best user friendly dashboard with all the information related to your website.

The ad designed to be parked in your website.

They have several type of ads including:

Banners Ads
PopUnders Aads
Slider Ads
Shadow Box Ads
Top Banner Aads
Footer Ads
Interstitial Ads

Revenue Hits rates vary from $0.5 CPM and up to $30 or even more per CPM.

The niche suited most for the Revenue Hits are:

And Many More…………

Revenue Hits Payment Mode

It is payment friendly means you can get payment in various ways that include
Wire Transfer
NET30 Scheme

    7.      PopCash.Net

We know the Blogger has the multiple options to earn money by their blog which include Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, sponsored reviews, Advertisement and many more and the main Driving momentum is the good traffic on their blog.

If you are the newbie blogger so it’s very difficult for you to earn from the above mentioned methods and many blogger go for the AdSense approval for their blog or site. And for many the carrier of blogging end up by facing rejection from the google AdSense.

So i must say never give up, look for alternate options, here comes the pop cash network and this has proved one of the best alternative of AdSense.

Why You Should Opt and Go for PopCash.net

There is no restriction by which country and language your Blog is.

You can start earning online in initial days in Your Blogging career.

PopCash offers high CPM rates to Publishers.

Serves high quality content driven ADS.

The minimum payout for PopCash is only 10$ that even small publishers can go for PopCash.

The payment options offered are PayPal and Payza.

The PopCash does not hold publisher money for long, its payment mode is Daily basis.

    8.      Clicksor

Clicksor is also one of the best alternative to AdSense in terms of monetizing the site or blog. It is the contextual advertising network as AdSense that provide ads relevant to your niche or contents.

Clicksor provide the 60% of the ads revenue to their publisher generated by the website.

It offers variety of ads like:

Inline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banner, Pop-Under, Interstitial Ads.

Click for SignUp

Payment Payout Methods

Clicksor offers three payment methods:

PayPal or check in US dollars with a minimum payout of $50 or Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1K and with some $ administration fee.

Publisher payments are sent on every Thursday of the week on a Net 15 schedule.

    9.      Adversal CPM ad network

Now friends the next in list is ‘Adersal ad Network’ and this can be proved one of the best AdSense alternative. This provide the pay for the impression not just click on ads ..yes its true.

So this can be boon for the blogger who has faced thousands of rejection from google AdSense.

Types of Ads can be displayed

They are well known for pop-under ads and also providing the different types of ads such as.

a.      Banner

b.      Leaderboard

c.       Medium Rectangle

d.      Ministitial

e.      Pop-under

f.        Skyscraper

g.      Wide Skyscrapers

Payment terms

Low minimum payout rates of $20, NET 35 basics.

High CPM rates.

Have a good reputation for paying on time.

It’s more for North America based customers.

    10.  Yllix Media

Yllix media is one of the alternatives for Adsense. It provides the good CPM and lots monetization options. Its homepage can look simple but its dashboard is quite effective and user friendly.

Yllix has Pop under ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads and full page ads are available with many options, so you can get a good CTR and can make money with it. Definitely this is a good option for starters and their approval is also fast not tedious as others.
Login here.


Hope this article provide a bit of info which could be beneficial for you. Please provide your comments, suggestions or any questions, our team will try to revert back as soon as possible.

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