10 Killer Ways To Make Money Online While Traveling The World 2018

10 Killer Ways To Make Money Online While Traveling The World 2018

10 Killer Ways To Make Money Online While Traveling The World 2018

Travel World and Keep Earning Online Tips

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If you have desire to see the world with your heart by traveling the different parts of the world, you’ll likely be speculating how you’re going to earn an income during travel days, months or even a year or more on the road. The truth?  Anyone can make money while they’re traveling in any country as long as they follow a certain set of strategies.

“When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves. Cool, unlying life will rush in.”


— D.H. Lawrence
Now a days it’s true that you can get internet connection at any corner of the earth these days, so money making (online and offline) is not much complicated matter if you have some skill sets. There are certain things anyone must have to understand and adhere to before you set out for greener pastures.


By this posts I have tried to come up with multi work ideas by implementing, anyone can earn money online without killing his/her desire to travel world. One can earn online income during travel days, months or even a year or more on the road. There are so many online work you can earn while traveling around world.  


What most people have to understand is that there’s a huge difference between an active income and passive income, no matter where you are. If you are serious about traveling and seeing the world and having the income to sustain yourself, then you should certainly focus on passive income.


It sounds unfriendly, I know. But you have to take into attention things that could go wrong while you are traveling around the world. When you are in unexplored territories and it’s easy to get taken advantage of. Be cautious of who you befriend and what their intentions are.

You should also form group with other like-minded travelers. Also when you are moving to any place you must do your homework that is – What’s the primary language? Where are the medical centers or hospitals? Where will you find an apartment, a phone or having internet service? Let’s get started.

1.                  Tutor Teach Language


If you have a great passion to see the world and you know few languages. This could be one of the best devise for you to teach you language to the people or children of that particular area and you can be paid well for this.


That doesn’t take much effort to do if you’re a native speaker, and people around the world are always looking to enhance knowledge and learn different language.


Simply this would be the best shield for you to earn in any part of the world while traveling.


2.                  Write Article


If you have a good skills for writing then you must write article and this can prove great source of earning online. You can write article for your blog or you can write as guest post and get paid. 

I suggest to get an account in Fiverr and Upwork from where you can provide this service online as freelancer and earn good amount just online and from any part of the world. 


3.                  Do Walking Tours


If you are moving to any tourist destinations, you could always go for walking tours. There are lots of companies or could go for entrepreneurial advisor for this type of activity. 


You can work for the other website or companies to provide walk tour advise or can build own website and publish article over it.


4.                  Social Media Management

Social media is a very hotbed of activity now a days. Today, businesses know the very well that they need to work to reach their target audience on social media group to expand and survive in this competitive market. So this work can be done while traveling and from any part of the globe.


The main responsibilities involved for social media management are as follows. 


a.      Clear Objectives


You must to be have clear objective, realistic goals.

            Growth of Likes on regular basic,


            Reach to the particular and targeted audience,  


            Regular Engagement,




            Maintain growth Sales



b.      Social Design



What people see, mean to say visual components are more lasting memory in compare to what one read or hear. So weather your status update or your home page design or Facebook ads changes are always in front of the audience, they will remember.



c.       Solid Content Approach-



What contents you post on the social web is the foundation of your brand marketing on social media. Social media manager always find the way to develop a Brand for its products that gives the unique edge to business.


d.      Promotion Approach



Social advertising is becoming the most valuable platform for your message to be reached thousands ear instant. So it is important to grow the social media fan continuously.


The best way to grow your social media following is to properly use of Facebook ads, Instagram page, WhatsApp group use wisely not as spam.


e.      Engagement Approach



This is one of the most important aspect that social manager has to respond carefully to its organic (unpaid) audience. So social manger has to listen carefully, respond accordingly, ask question wisely and maintain engagement with the audience.


People will ask questions so Media manager should have knowledge and experience too to respond correctly. If a lead asks a question, answer it accordingly and follow it with a question back to them in appropriate time.


f.        Conversion Approach


With the great progressive work in good contents, promotion and engagement, now the main job of social manager is to convert the big fans into customers and Brand value to your products.


5.                  Graphic Design


This is one the best way to make money online while you are traveling. For this you must have an attractive and creative skill for this job to do, this include Info graphic design and logo design also.



While in traveling you can join the different firms and company in online to complete their demand and if not you can approach to the crowd sourcing site for showcase you design and creativity to large audience.



Now a days lots of people moving toward crowd sourcing sites as the major reason behind this is price comparison.


If you ask for my personal opinion, I will suggest for to go with Designhill.



6.                  Write Code/ Programmer


Want to learn web development and SEO expert? Coding is the best way to earn online while traveling the world 2018, no matter where in the world you might be.


Join the Udemy if you don’t know how to code and if you know then you ca earn online from any part of the world, living a location-independent lifestyle by understanding how to code.



7.                  Blogging


This is one of the oldest idea to make money online while traveling the world as we know “Old is Gold” the same way by implementing little SEO and key word research you can make money online.

It’s very easy to say this but it requires consistent hard work to put in over the years and if all implemented ideas goes well you can generate thousands of thousands of dollars in this profession.

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