10 Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

10 Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

When any one heard about social media, a joyous bell hit at your heart. Wow. There is no denying that the human race has been much impacted and driven by social media in terms of connecting with each other and way of thinking. In this I am going to discuss some awesome app to help you control your social media usages.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn ate the most influential social platform in present time. No one knows the future.

These are the platform where you can be celebrity overnight once your any contents get viral. Thanks to technology in form of social media.

We know that coin has its head & tail in the same way anything has its own pro and cons. In this article I am discussing about the best ever app (application) of its use you can Limit your use time on social media. There are the best app to control your social media usages.

Why need to worry about Social media Usages?

We all know doing the things which we love to do is a great thing. But when you cannot restrict yourself to watch and spend time on it, here it’s a being trouble for you.

The same things are being happening for the all ages of genders that they even not live without mobile for few hours. This somewhat creates worry and this habit is called ‘Social Media Addiction’.

And this Social Media Addiction recently became viral basically by psychology and medical field.

Do you think you are Social Media Addiction?

If you are not able to stay few hours from your social media tools or gadget means you are grabbed by this Social Media Addiction. It’s not a serious issue but in case of children, you should be more aware of this. Find solution to get rid of this issue from your child.

I am trying to give bit a solution in technology way- Best App to control Your Social Media Usages. This is calorized on the basic of smartphone monitoring and tracking application.

Let’s dive in with discuss about Best App to control Your Social Media Usages:

Stay on Task

Stay On Task would be a easy, unassertive thanks to improve your focus and acquire your work done smoothly without social media distraction. It checks abreast of you to create certain you are doing all your work and not inactivity.

A random timer suggests that you cannot predict once it’ll check on you. Excellent for writers, programmers, students, or anyone World Health Organization has to keep targeted whereas doing freelance work.

Important Features Include:

Custom reminders to keep focus the task.

Regular Notification

Can set social media time limit.

Supported OS – Android

Available- Free

Supported OS – Android

Available- Free

Quality Time

This is one of the best app to help you from the best usages for the social media personal engagement.

In othere way this app will manage your digital diet.


“Take a Break” to right away disconnect from your smartphone and on one-click you can access via the “Take a Break” contraption.

Help to set up your “Take a Break” beforehand (Scheduled Breaks) with continuance schedules. Must go for this app.

It can outline your own Quality Time Profiles to customize your “Take a Break” (restrict access to your phone). Help to produce completely different Quality Time Profiles and customize however you wish to disconnect your smartphone throughout “Take a Break” or “Scheduled Breaks”; choices to dam notifications.

It reject incoming calls with auto-reply text messages, outline exceptions to permit incoming calls from ‘whitelist’ contacts, allow access to bound apps throughout those restricted periods.

“Missed notification” center – captures all of your incomprehensible notifications throughout “Take a Break” or “Scheduled Breaks” thus you won’t miss something necessary.

Good and Bad Feedback from Google Play

Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

Checky App


Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

This is really a simple and the main features of this app, it counts the total number od times you unlock your phone.

And all these statics are stored and you can see any time and take appropriate action over it.



Good and Bad Feedback comments from Play Store


Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

Forest App

This is nice and pretty application. If you don’t want to work around on your mobile and interesting way to help you beat phone addiction and overcome distraction.

Best App to control Your Social Media Usages

Always encourage you to focus in your work and reduce procrastination and makes you productive.

Help to Earn rewards and unlock new tree species and Turn your focused moments into a lovely big forest

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